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Sekou Doumbouya 2019-2020 Outlook

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On 1/25/2020 at 9:04 AM, fantasick said:

Abandon ship!


2 hours ago, YaZB said:

So, im still holding him but if the Pistons cant get a deal for Drummond after tomorrow, are we abandoning ship? He's been painful to hold for a couple of weeks now tbh


i've sent out the order a couple of weeks ago... Internet Explorer has failed you.

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Guys, I didn't say he was another Luka. Just that pro experience against grown men has value. Luka's pro experience was undervalued, as was Sekou's.

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9 minutes ago, ItzJaBoiSam said:

Is this guy worth anything right now?

Prob plenty of rookie struggles still to come...but at least short term considering Morris is out and Henson won’t be there yet + rose out could be worth a flier for this weekends B2B. Think I’d prefer Chriss though 

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21 hours ago, theantishere said:

It's been time to abandon ship awhile ago. 


21 hours ago, Trade Monster said:

I think the ship sank.


21 hours ago, fantasick said:

i've sent out the order a couple of weeks ago... Internet Explorer has failed you.


LOLS i forgot to mention that i am on a 12-team DYNASTY league, thats why ive been giving a much longer leash than usual. Anyway, now that Drummond is out the door, im holding for a couple more weeks. Him and Jarrett Culver has been killing me dont get me wrong but hey, if i drop and they turn into something my heart wont be able to take it

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