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2020 Keeper Advice (Keep 4)

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I don't have to select keepers until August 2020, but I have found it's helpful to understand people's perspectives about players now before the churn of the draft and the offseason.  Helps me to identify my own biases and what I think might be overvaluing/undervaluing.  Your input is greatly appreciated!

League info:  12 teams, 17 roster spots, snake draft, my 2020 draft position = 10th.

Positions:  QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, RB/WR/TE

Keeper info: up to 4 keepers per team.  Keeper value = 1 draft round higher than the previous year.  You can keep a player through their value as a first-round pick.

2019 Final Roster (2020 Draft Round Value)
Keenan Allen (1)
Austin Ekeler (2)
Matt Brieda (4)
Matt Ryan (5)
Marlon Mack (6) (2019 keeper)
Cooper Kupp (7) (2019 keeper)
Devin Singletary (8)
Justin Jackson (8)
Devonta Freeman (10) (2019 keeper)
Ito Smith (11)
Chase Edmonds (12)
Dallas Goedert (12)
Ryquell Armstead (12)
Darren Waller (13)
Juju Smith-Schuster (16) (2019 keeper)
JJ Arcega-Whiteside (16)
Reggie Bonnafon (17)

My initial plan:  Juju is obvious.  If Singletary enters the 2020 season as the lead back, he's tremendous value at 8, with RB at an absolute premium due to keepers.  I still like Kupp, despite his declining usage down the stretch.

Don't know what to do about Waller - OAK is bound to improve at WR, and the QB situation is up in the air.  Also not sure about Mack.  At the end of the season, the numbers are there, but his absolute lack of involvement in the passing game makes me wonder if I'm using a keeper spot for too low of a ceiling.

Is Ekeler worth it as a 2nd round pick if he's the guy at LAC?  There's value in the guarantee I have him, but his round value would probably be low 1st/high 2nd next year anyways, i.e. I'm not gaining keeper round value on him.

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1 hour ago, ST. STEVEN said:

Gotta know if it is PPR in these kinds of questions...

IF it is I would very much consider Ekeler as a 2nd, then roll with Singletary, Waller and JuJu in other spots.


Sorry about that, it's .5 PPR.  Thanks for taking the time to weigh in!

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If this was me and you DONT have to keep 4 keepers but just have the option to if you wanted....Id go Mack, Singletary and Juju, You will get a 1st and 2nd round picks and Eckler could still be there at your pick if no one better is available, however Eckler is good and would not fault you for keeping him too. I am just looking at the round values and the chance you may have to get someone better. Good Luck

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