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draft trout? let me explain.. whir

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you are allowed to keep 4 and you keep them based off last round they were drafted 

I am keeping Merrifield, acuna, torres, alvarez.. (best value)

I chose where i draft.. i can pick 1 and take trout but then my pitching will not nearly be as good.. the league is h2h categories. like 7 pitching cats and 7 hitting cats. for some reason pitching flies off early because people get nervous. by 22 range i wont be grabbing a top notch ace i assume

OR do i draft  say 3 or 4 or 5 and draft cole or deGrom?

thanks and WHIR

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I think you have to draft Trout. Him and Acuna on the same team?😳

Were I you, I’m drafting Trout, finish out the draft and see how your team looks from there. If you feel like your team is lacking on the pitching side, Trout can get you some very nice pieces in return.

Please help with mine? 


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Go with Trout. Last year I kept Acuña and had the opportunity to select my draft position and took Trout at 1. Owning the two of them is a lot of fun! I have the same opportunity this year and will be doing it again. I would just focus on pitching in the next couple of rounds or maybe take another bat in round two if you don't like the arms there then go pitching in rounds three and four. 


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