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Start-Up Fantrax 16 TM H2H PTS W/Ottoneu Scoring

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25 Yr fantasy veteran looking to use my experience thru the years to create something i think could be fun, different and challenging yr after yr.


MLB Remake 2.0 is a 16 team H2H Points league with weekly roster sets using the ottoneu scoring system.


Rosters will consist of 40 players
30 Active - 20 Starters ( 12 batters, 8 pitchers ) and 10 Bench players
10 Minor leaguers
DL will be used


There will be four 4 team divisions ( Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze )
The division you play in can change yearly based on the previous years regular season results.
At the end of each season the divisions will re-align using the following rules.

Platinum Division - The top 4 scoring teams
Bronze Division - The bottom 4 scoring teams
Gold Division - The best 4 remaining teams by win %
Silver Division - The remaining 4 teams ( or the 4 worst win% not in the bottom (bronze)division.


We will be playing a 126 game season using a MLB like 3-1 division to non-division schedule.
Our 16 week regular season will consist of 7 games per week (3 division and 4 non division).
which means you play every team in your division every week (3) and rotate playing against the other 3 divisions weekly(4) for a total of 7 games per week.


There will be a 8 team playoff system.
Each division champion will receive an automatic birth
The remaining 4 spots will go to the 4 highest scoring teams regardless of record.
Once the 8 births are awarded the teams will be seeded based by points scored.

The playoffs will last a total of 6 weeks with each playoff matchup lasting 2 weeks.
Once eliminated you will still continue to play as every team will get a placement 1-8

There will also be a consolation bracket for teams 9-16
Teams will be seeded based on points scored.
The playoffs will last a total of 6 weeks with each playoff matchup lasting 2 weeks.
Once eliminated you will still continue to play as every team will get a placement 9-16

The final week of the MLB season will NOT be used in these playoffs !!!


During the first season there will be an initial 8 round minor league slow draft that will start as soon as the league fills. This will be done via the league forum.

Followed by a 30 round slow draft starting immediately after minor draft is completed in the league draft room
There will also be a 2 round first player draft in July following the conclusion of the MLB first year player draft.

After the first season there will be 3 drafts every year
Minor league/International players slow draft - January
Regular season slow draft-February
First year player slow draft - July

ONLY players drafted in the first player or minor league/international draft are eligible to be placed in your teams minor league openings. Players you draft in the regular draft or free agents you pick up during the season are NOT eligible to be placed in your minor league openings, they can only be placed on your regular roster


Each team can keep up to 10 players off of their active roster.
Each team may also keep an additional 5 players that will be know as "Home Grown" talent.
Any minor leaguer that you drafted or traded for and you were the first team to promote them to your active roster will qualify them as a "Home Grown" talent.


Draft picks will be tradable after the initial seasons draft has been completed.
There will be 15 rounds eligible after that.

Draft Order:

The initial draft order will be determined by a random draft thru 

The minor draft will be the inverse order of the regular draft.


The league fees for the initial season will be $30.
Please pay promptly.
Once the league has filled anyone who hasn't paid will have 48hrs to do so or you will be replaced.
The drafts will start once all teams have completed payment.
For an invite please leave your e-mail here or send to kcfantasy@gmail.com
Thanks, MadMike
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