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$30 Super Bowl 54 Block Pool (There are 3 grids)

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$3000 Block Pool / $30 per block

There are three different blocks pools: Grid's #1, #2, and #3. EACH GRID FOLLOWS THE SAME RULES AND PAYOUTS.

You can buy a max of 10 blocks in one grid or a combined total of 15 across all three grids.



Your blocks will only be reserved if you send payment. Otherwise, they will still be up for grabs.


Here are the blocks left in each grid. If you are interested, drop your email below or message it to me for the invite link. The money is collected via paypal or venmo.

The payouts are explained at the bottom.


Grid #1: https://www.runyourpool.com/public/nfl/squares/standings.cfm?league_id=82758&check=A7D55FA2291879B3F38C3EAD5CF2BB3F&grid=1

Grid #2: https://www.runyourpool.com/public/nfl/squares/standings.cfm?league_id=82758&check=A7D55FA2291879B3F38C3EAD5CF2BB3F&grid=2

Grid #3: https://www.runyourpool.com/public/nfl/squares/standings.cfm?league_id=82758&check=A7D55FA2291879B3F38C3EAD5CF2BB3F&grid=3


Breakdown of Payouts

$3,000 Pot

Payouts will be awarded every time the score changes, end of 1st Quarter Score, Halftime Score, end of 3rd Quarter Score, and Final Score.


Each Scoring Change Winner: $50

1st Qtr: $400

Halftime: $500

3rd Qtr: $400

Final Score: $500 + left over money after scoring change payouts (Could be around 1K combined)

*If the game goes to OT, Final Score is the winner, not end of 4th Qtr


$1,200 is set aside for scoring changes, which equals 24 payouts (should be enough). Super Bowl 52 was a shootout and only resulted in 20 scoring changes. The last five Super Bowls, before last year’s pathetic scoring performance, averaged 15.2 scoring changes. Once the total number of scoring changes are known, the left over money will be added to the Final Score Winner.


For example: If there are 14 total scoring changes (each paying out $50), that leaves 10 scoring change payouts leftover. 10 x 50 = $500. For this example, the extra $500 will be added to the Final Score Winner for a total of $1,000 in winnings.


*If somehow there are more than 24 scoring changes, the $50 payouts would stop after the 24th scoring change since there would be no more money in the pot, but there's a very rare possibility that will happen.


How does this work:

Once all of the blocks are full and paid, the site will randomize numbers 0-9 on each side of the grid for the AFC team and NFC team. Your block will determine which numbers you have for each team.

The winning squares are determined by using the last digit of each team's score.

For example: The score AFC (21) - NFC (17). The winning block would be the block with (AFC: 1 and NFC: 7).

The score AFC (10) - NFC (7). The winning block would be the block with (AFC: 0 and NFC: 7).


Payouts are based upon both quarterly scoring and individual score changes within the game. As the game is played, every time there is a scoring change (by either a touchdown, an extra point, a 2-point conversion, a field goal, or a safety), the last digit of each team’s score will identify a square, and the owner of that square will win $50.


For example: If the AFC team scores a TD to start the game taking a 6-0 lead, the block (AFC: 6 and NFC: 0) will win $50.

If the extra point is successful making it 7-0, the block (AFC: 7 and NFC: 0) will also win $50.

In retrospect, each TD scored will be 2 scoring change payouts unless the XP is missed or a 2-point conversion attempt fails.


The score 0-0 at the beginning of the game does not count as a winning block for a scoring change payout.


The other 4 big payouts are the scores at the end of the 1st qtr, halftime, end of the 3rd qtr, and the final score.


There won't be a 4th grid so once all of the blocks are full and paid throughout the 3 grids, the block pools will be locked.


If you want to join, but have any questions on fully understanding how this works, you can send me a message.



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