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James Johnson 2019-2020 Outlook

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which one's worse: guy asking who-to-drop question on a player outlook thread or guy answering completely off tangent and just wanted to talk about himself/his league?   correct answer: me--

Yup, I don't think any of us faithful dropped him.  And he rewarded.  Dude is so fun to have as an end-of-bench WW flier.  Adds in so many cats and as long as he gets 25 minutes or so, he'll drop some

Stockmaster Johnson.  He's been very consistent with delivering them.

James Johnson has been in Minnesota for like 2 days and this dude was already set to fight Montrezl Harrell after that flagrant foul

Seen him coaching up Reid on the bench after picking up 3 fouls too

I have a feeling the coach is gonna love this guy 

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3 hours ago, Espoiral said:

Looks good, but again Juancho is in foul trouble so it’s a bit hard to guarantee if this will sustain. Also Russell is out like others said.

won’t hesitate to add if this continues.

I thought he will get all the minutes but I guess he will be more of help if the game was close because heis a good defender. 

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This guy just knows what to do when he’s out there. Kind of reminds me of Taj in that way. Not in their respective game but just flat out knowing how to play this game professionally

He has legit handles, a jumper and passing skills. Can score and defend from all 3 levels

Perfect player next to KAT

I can see him closing out games when games are tight but those might be far and few between 

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I like the way he moves the ball. He doesn't stand and dribble. He tries to make the defense shift and work.  Hopefully the younger guys will learn something from him as they play together.


Seems to anticipate well too. I didn't think much of him until I watched last night (never really had a chance to watch him much before). I think the mix of his veteran experience will help some of the young wolves develop.

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He was so useful when he first got to Miami Nice stream/flier situation right now hmm.

Side note: Whose the toughest self proclaimed tough guy in the league? I want to see JJ to beat him up lol. Didn’t know about his extensive martial arts background 😱

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He was already a decent add before the KAT wrist thing. Now there's a chance KAT is injured. Sure, it's likely nothing. But the possibility adds value to JJ as a pickup. Always nice to roster a free option while we wait for news to come in.

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I'm taking a flier on him and picking him up.  Even if KAT comes back after the All Star break Johnson is going to see mins.  He's one of the only guys who can play defense in this front court.  He probably won't score more than 10pts but if he's getting 5-7 boards and 2+ stocks I'll take that.

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