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WHIR Massive...... MRob dropped - whos my drop?

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Ibaka (as a Raps fan), the other guys are just more valuable to me... I was going to say Ingles but I guess you could hold onto him if you see him keeping up this play, if not, then I'd drop him over Serge. 

I need your help ASAP bro... Check my last post in the thread. Thanks. 


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I don't think id drop any. yes gasol will come back but even then Ibaka was putting up better stats then Mitch rob. its a massive IF hell come good - lot of team depth, team is a mess, the trade deadline is unpredictable. I think people are too caught up in his name and what he did last year. he's not going to magically fix his foul issues so he can play massive minutes that'll take a few years. please help me on my trade if you can :)

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2 hours ago, DonutGiveUp said:

Don't drop anyone. Mitch is a headache to own right now. Wait until he starts

MRob will turn it around second half. Dropped Serge as Gasol is back aswell as Siakim. Loved owning Ibaka but his production will drop. 
switched Ibaka to Rob

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