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DJ Moore 2020 Outlook

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He literally said "Not comparing Moore to Thomas but Teddy can feed his #1 receiver". He's just saying DJ is the main target and all Teddy has to do is complete the little short stuff that DJ is alrea

*Looks at menu* May I have Moore, please? Hold the Bridgewater.

Let's also not undersell the hiring of Joe Brady as OC.  He learned under Sean Payton as an Offensive Assistant Coach in NO for 2 seasons (17-18) and just led the LSU passing attack to one of the best

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Radar looks fairly clear for now. Looks like maybe a popup storm at game time but should move through quickly, hopefully it won’t have much of an effect. Unless it’s still super windy but we’ve seen qb’s have good passing stats in windy conditions in the past.

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1 hour ago, CooL said:

I think he's going to be a start for most that have him, as we're all going to be chasing his big game last week.  But yes, two TDs on only 5 targets is not exactly something we can count on.  

DJ has been one of the big disappointments for me.  Missed on Robby Anderson and didn't jump fast enough.  Robby gets the targets.  Heck, even Curtis Samuel was more involved.  But you have to play DJ for his ability to take anything to the house.  He's a start for me, but with lukewarm confidence.

A big disappointment???!!! Wow, some people will never be happy. In PPR he has almost the same amount of points as DJ Metcalf and he's a disappointment? 🤣

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2 minutes ago, Itachi_is_the_goat said:


DK has played 1 fewer game

DJ Moore is wr24 by PPG

You're right, he has one fewer game then Metcalf. PPG is a little misleading when some people are always dinged up and always missing games like Julio and Adams. You can't give me points if you're not playing, but their ppg would be higher.

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10 minutes ago, AlexxelA said:

Tonight:  6 catches for 93 yards and 1 TD.  21.30 PPR pts.

You're off pattern....LOL!

Week 5 – Five targets, four catches for 93 yards, 1 TD
Week 6 – 11 targets, five catches, 93 yards 0TD
Week 7 – Five targets, four catches for 93 yards, 2 TDs

Week 8 should be- 11 targets, five catches, 1 TD 

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9 minutes ago, Zekepeak86 said:

Could’ve went boyd, Evans, could’ve even waited for Thomas... but this was a great match up... qb play and coaching matters. DJ has neither that benefit him. They looked for him at the end of the game... they start moving chains but it’s too late. Smh. I can’t start him again. Will try and package

Moore should of shredded tonight. We were all expecting a big game from him, none of us was expecting that, especially against the Falcons...[...] Teddy sucks and is holding his potential back for sure

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Removed vent & rant
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“I’d like to tell you Atlanta is doing something complex on DJ Moore, but they really aren’t.” - Troy Aikman


This game was brutal. Such a juicy matchup and got nothing.. Thanks Teddy. Amazing what happens when you get the ball in his hands finally huh.

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4 minutes ago, Silent-Trader said:

The man was in pace for 1,300 yards and 7 TDs before this game. I love the overreactions. 

His pace blows... one game it’s 20 points, next 6. The “overreactions” are confused owners and how in a smash spot he could do 0 before the 4th quarter... 0! People played him as a ceiling flex unless you’re in deep leagues and he may be a wr2, but a lot of people had better options as mentioned above and I’m sure would’ve went another way had we expected 1 target through almost the whole game... His usage is horrendous. He may hit his numbers but for fantasy, you’re throwing darts blind starting him over guys with either more targets or better qb play

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