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DJ Moore 2020 Outlook

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He literally said "Not comparing Moore to Thomas but Teddy can feed his #1 receiver". He's just saying DJ is the main target and all Teddy has to do is complete the little short stuff that DJ is alrea

*Looks at menu* May I have Moore, please? Hold the Bridgewater.

Let's also not undersell the hiring of Joe Brady as OC.  He learned under Sean Payton as an Offensive Assistant Coach in NO for 2 seasons (17-18) and just led the LSU passing attack to one of the best

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1 minute ago, BrianM said:

Nice bounceback game, and he juuuust missed a 40 yarder at the end of the first half.   Are we shying away if PJ Walker has to start?


Really hard to say but since Davis has turned back into a pumpkin theyre going to have to throw to score.

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On 11/9/2020 at 8:50 PM, Black_Panther said:

So probably hasn’t lit it up completely this year but is still 12th for WR so far in receiving yards. On pace for 63 receptions, 1138 yards and 6TD. While probably a little under what people on the last few pages of this thread were hoping for, that’s hardly bust material. Has been serviceable and clearly still a mid to high WR2. 

On a better pace after last weeks game. Targets are down by 2 a game this year but has been offset by a very high yards per reception and finding the endzone marginally better this year than last. His catch rate is really poor too at 56% which could partially explain the lack of targets at times. Overall though is currently 10th in receiving yards for the season. Considering he was a 3rd/4th rd pick in most formats that’s pretty much the value he has returned at this point so not much to complain about really

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13 hours ago, BrianM said:

I'd love to sell but imagine getting an offer for him right now.....his QB is a question mark, and he still has his bye.  

Unfortunately I think Teddy has a good shot at coming back this week.... Us DJ Moore owners can't catch a break 😕 

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On 11/17/2020 at 10:00 AM, brosephd said:

the way bridgewater disregards moore, PJ walker might be a good thing and lock onto moore. 


On 11/17/2020 at 1:10 PM, Jrt80 said:

If Bridgewater sits that may actually improve Robbys outlook. Carolinas offense has gotten kinda stale and they need a spark to energize them. In walks the back up, XFL superstar Pj Walker.

And guess who Robby’s college quarterback was? That’s right, PJ Walker. 

Walker to Anderson was unstoppable combo in the AAC, but you probs didn’t here about it because it’s Temple university. 

oh btw Matt Ruhle was their head coach....


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Hard to say whether Walker being in there would be a good thing for Moore or not.  If Walker plays like he did in the XFL then it should be a good thing for him but there is a big difference in the level of competition.

I have a choice of starting Moore in a PPR league I'm in, in a must-win matchup to stay alive for the playoffs and I'll probably sit him for a week if Walker plays to see how they connect.

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Played him weeks 8 and 9 and he sucked.

Of course sat him last week and he balled.

Now PJ in. I’m hoping it’s a good thing for him because he’s in my lineup. The good news is the idiot Michael Fabiano just tweeted to downgrade all Panthers receivers. That can only mean good things for DJ, right?

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