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DJ Moore 2020 Outlook

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29 minutes ago, JoeJoe88 said:

I think it’s an error. It was like that early this morning on both Yahoo and MFL but I haven’t found an ounce of information as to why he would be suspended or anything of that nature. 

Yeah on MFL, he a "S" and 0 for projected points. But now he's back up to 14..

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He literally said "Not comparing Moore to Thomas but Teddy can feed his #1 receiver". He's just saying DJ is the main target and all Teddy has to do is complete the little short stuff that DJ is alrea

*Looks at menu* May I have Moore, please? Hold the Bridgewater.

Let's also not undersell the hiring of Joe Brady as OC.  He learned under Sean Payton as an Offensive Assistant Coach in NO for 2 seasons (17-18) and just led the LSU passing attack to one of the best

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Just now, mikeflavaz said:

He's also fresh.  I am rolling him out as well in place of MT and I feel pretty decent about it.  Good luck DJ owners


Do you have any info from team media etc with any details about the injury besides "active?"....looking for some reassurance.

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9 minutes ago, mdw5048 said:

I’m benching moore for amari Cooper or juju.

Don’t trust him coming back in his first week.

Understandable. I was going to play him in both my semi final match ups but decided to only play him in one just because it is a tough matchup on paper. GB defense has been stingy and hasn't allowed many points to WR lately

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2 hours ago, dafreaks said:

For who?


1 hour ago, Jub Jub said:

Yeah if you’re benching him, you should share who you’re starting instead

Cooks or Hockenson. Its PPR and catches are just as important as yards. DJ has been off and on. He's coming back from injury in a tough matchup. I hope he plays well, however. 

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