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He literally said "Not comparing Moore to Thomas but Teddy can feed his #1 receiver". He's just saying DJ is the main target and all Teddy has to do is complete the little short stuff that DJ is alrea

*Looks at menu* May I have Moore, please? Hold the Bridgewater.

Let's also not undersell the hiring of Joe Brady as OC.  He learned under Sean Payton as an Offensive Assistant Coach in NO for 2 seasons (17-18) and just led the LSU passing attack to one of the best

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Well that was disappointing but the Panthers will be throwing so much I think a big game is probably not far away for Moore. That said all 3 WR's were involved almost equally which is not ideal. You'd like to see Moore separate himself sooner rather than later.

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2 hours ago, dorwell said:

tbh he is a 2 but I hoped he can get to a fringe 1. It's the first game so I'm still hoping. 😉

likewise... he is my WR1 and hopefully as the season goes along teddy and DJ get more in synch

some of the passes bridgewater threw just looked awful. im sure by week 3-4 it should get better

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2 minutes ago, jpark211 said:

Guess this week may be another dud playing against TB?

Should be fine in ppr leagues, still not convinced that the league's worst pass defense last season became one of the best. I think it was more of Brees not having his best game, their playcalling, and MT injury. 


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2 minutes ago, LAeagle said:

Kyler and Deandre say hi. 

Well, if you could have drafted Hopkins and took DJ instead, yeah you probably made a mistake.

But the target share was there.  Good things are going to happen if he gets 9 targets per game eventually.

First game was a drag.  Guess what?

Every WR has them.

Shake it off, move on.  Dude put up 1200 yards last year with Kyle Allen at QB.  He'll be fine.

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On 9/14/2020 at 8:21 AM, Conscious Pilot said:
On 9/13/2020 at 11:11 PM, LAeagle said:

Talk me off the ledge here. Not looking like a 1.

He’s not supposed to be your WR1. He’s a WR2 at best


that is not talking anyone off a ledge. it seems like you're pushing him off the ledge. this is how you do it:


consider teddy bridgewater’s run as starting QB for the saints.

consider how teddy used his #1 WR (micheal thomas) during these six games.

note that teddy had 27-38 passing attempts during this run.

and note that teddy attempted 34 passes last week in his first game as a panther


michael thomas’ production with teddy:

9/15 @LAR 10 rec / 13 targets, 89 yards

9/22 @SEA 5 rec / 7 targets, 54 yards, 1 TD

9/29 vs DAL 9 / 9, 95 yards  

10/6 vs TB 11 / 13, 182 yards, 2 TDs

10/13 @JAX 8 / 12, 89 yards

10/20 @CHI 9 / 11, 131 yards


true, michael thomas is better than moore, and thereby able to do more with the targets. but if seeing 7-13 targets per game, dj moore should be a viable starter week to week.


WR1? well, some weeks he will hit those numbers, and some weeks not. last week, not. this week, probably not. next week at the chargers, probably not. the following week hosting patrick peterson, probably not. but october 11 at the falcons, absolutely! so moore owners do have something to live for.


30 minutes ago, vinovinovino said:


This is how I feel as well. I can't believe I'm sitting him this week, but I'm chalking it up to a bad matchup, he's right back in there next week.


pay attention to how patrick peterson covers mclaurin this week, because if peterson stays on one side of the field, we can expect him to cover dj moore at times and robby anderson at other times. but if peterson travels and sticks to the WR1 and covers mclaurin and shuts him down, finding an alternative to moore in week 3 is prudent.


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