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Niko Goodrum 2020 Outlook

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Interesting late round 2B/SS/OF...

16/12 and 12/12 power speed the last couple of years with less than 500 PA each time. I think he goes 600+ PA this year barring injury, could be a 17/15+ regular with .245/.248 or better avg...think will improve. 70+ runs and 70+ rbis too I think with full time. Could be .250+. Nice healthy walk rates 8.5/9.7 last couple years.

Entirely possible this is what he is and he doesn’t improve (I think he can), but seems like a solid versatile end of draft player.

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Interesting switch hitter. 

Hits for batting average with his right handed swing (.321 BA, 20%K, 2 HRs, .127 ISO) 

Hits for power with his left handed swing. (.217 BA 31%K  26 HRs, .193 ISO)

Guessing he's a natural right hander that teams have spent way more effort into his left handed power swing. So you can either hope he learns hit for power with the right handed swing, or average with the left handed swing.

I'd lean towards better power output with the right handed swing if anything changes. Making him a 20/20 threat, but not really any gains in BA.

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