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2020 Completed Trades Thread

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Just bc you don’t like a trade doesn’t make it vetoable. 

Im sorry...

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14 hours ago, SyNdicateZ said:



As much as I like Singletary's talents (I have gone into depth on this in his 2019 thread), I feel he is too undersized to be a true work horse, and Josh Allen's rushing (especially near the goal line) is a major limiting factor in Singletary's production.

Even though it's a dynasty league, I play to win now. I only look at this (actual) and next year's possible outcome. I don't sign players with the hope they'll be good in a few years...I want production now. Although, IF he didn't lack GL size and suffer the negative game script in Buffalo, I might be inclined to sit and wait and see, but that just isn't the case.

I can start 1-3 RBs, 2-4 WRs and 1-2 TEs based on the previous positions make-up. So: 1-1-4-1, 1-2-2-2, 1-2-3-1 or 1-1-4-1.

Considering my dynasty roster (in my signature), I didn't view Singletary as an every week starter over Aaron Jones and the starting RB in AZ...and suddenly Mostert has every bit the upside as Singletary. Godwin/Golladay are both locks.

Woods played in 15 games from weeks 1-16, finishing as the 19th overall WR in PPR scoring, and 17th overall on a pts/game ranking; scoring: 13+pts 7x, 15+pts 6x, 20+pts 4 times (3x without having to score a TD.)Woods. Both stats are well worthy of a WR2 (he'll operate as the WR3 on my squad), BCooks is looking like burnt toast and Woods outscored Cupp from weeks 6-16 overall (including in 6 of the 8 games over that span where both played.) Woods is signed through 2021, so his place in the LAR offense next year is still solid. Woods also offers exceptional depth at WR on team, which I desperately needed, more-so than further RB depth (especially considering I need only start 1 RB.)

Singletary is 29th RB overall in PPR and 28th on a pts/g ranking, and Singletary (early-on) appears to be a bit TD dependent (needing combined yardage, and never scoring 18+ pts without scoring a TD, which he only did 1x), and he already has major competition in the goal line department, including what the team may bring in offseason/draft.

So, I’d prefer a weekly starting roster of:


Aaron Jones (19.9pts/g)

Kenyan Drake (15.1pts/g...20.2pts/g weeks 9-16)

Chris Godwin (19.7pts/g)

Kenny Golladay (15.8pts/g)

Robert Woods (15.1pts/g)




Aaron Jones

Kenyan Drake

Devin Singletary (12.3pts/g)

Chris Godwin

Kenny Golladay





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trade 1:

Give: Springer/Wheeler

Get: Meadows/Montas


trade 2:

Give: Alonse/Villar/Senzel/Wheeler

Get: Soto/Goldy/McNeil/Syndergaard


trade 3:

Give: Darvish

Get: Giolito


trade 4:

Give: Luis Robert/Senzel

Get: Donaldson/Tim Anderson


trade 5:

Give: Goldy/Kennedy/Montas

Get: Flaherty/Conforto/Yuli Gurriel


trade 6:

Give: Luis Robert/Keston Hiura

Get: Jose Ramirez/Laureano


trade 7:

Give: Baez/Kluber/Maeda

Get: Flaherty/Correa/Kopech



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My redraft league changes to dynasty this year. Prior to the startup draft I made the following trade:

I get:

- #7 overall pick startup draft

I gave:

- #33 overall pick startup draft

- 1st round rookie draft ‘21

- 3rd round rookie draft ‘21

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Hey guys, I made a post of this before I saw this thread but figured I'd post where it belongs! Pumped that FF is finally here.

Our pre-draft trade deadline was tonight at 12:59 central, and I finished the second trade at 12:59. Spent hours talking to these guys lol.

Stung By AB (me) gives: Ben Roethlisber, Adam Thielen

SkoalMintMitch gives: 2021 1st, 2020 2nd (2.10), 2021 4th, Derek Carr


Stung by AB gives: DJ Chark

Glansberg gives: 2020 3rd, 2021 2nd, 2022 4th


I haven't done any research yet, but tonight really got me excited and I'll be spending the next week reading articles before our draft on Friday. 

For some context: I'm in a 12 team dynasty league. We operate on a 12 year salary cap that can be divided among any number of players. You can franchise a player whose contract has run out for one year, then they go back into the draft. Drafted rookies are on a 4 year rookie contract that does not count against the cap. My team had a rough year last year with AB and injuries, and with AB not near returning I needed to stock up on some picks to try and rebuild over the next couple years. I have the #2 pick this year but then I don't draft again until the last of the 3rd, so this helps.


Here's a photo of my contracts (team going into this year):

Good luck this season everyone! Stay safe stay healthy and let's play some ball.


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On 1/15/2020 at 4:58 PM, FollowTheLeader said:

I gave: RB Devin Singletary BUF

I got: WR Robert Woods LAR

*dynasty team in signature

you win... But it's tough to give you a valid answer without knowing what other running backs you have because you may have had singletary very expendable... maybe you did put it somewhere I did not see it... I like your trade

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3 hours ago, Jkiv2O2O said:

I’ve been offered Dj Chark and Darius Slayton for Mark Ingram in a half point PPR, 10 teamer.  
I have zeke, Mixon, Hunt, and Howard. Amari Cooper, Robert woods, Marvin Jones, Jamison Crowder, Desean Jackson, Preston Williams, 

Absolutely. If anything, it’s insurance for cooper as well... 


rbs are fine

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I gave: Kirk, Pollard, Mattison - I got: Boyd, McFarland

Can see my team in signature. He was super short on RB (his starters were Chubb and Darrel Williams) so he was desperate. I am super high on Tyler Boyd and I hated my Kirk Pick. I think I overpayed a bit, but I'm feeling way better with my receiving core now. Maybe we have something in McFarland, too.

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