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2020 NBA Trade Deadline News and Rumors

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here's Tucker in the playoffs vs EVERY BIG MAN

Quick roundup:   Atlanta Hawks: Interested in Capela, Steven Adams. Pivoted away from Drummond due to extension demands. Hawks Expressed Interest In Trading For Jakob Poeltl. Some of

Kindda agree with this... I don't see the point of posting your entire team in your sig and making the sig so big that it's 90% of your message real estate.    

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1 minute ago, claptondecheeks said:

They should try to get Elf from them while they’re at it. 


Never thought of that , would be such a perfect fit wow . Problem is that's like the only serviceable PG for the Knicks , Frank and DSJ are atrocious for them .  That's what we're lacking a consistent threat at point guard & a solid 3&D wing . Rondo has very random play and can only play limited minutes . 

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9 hours ago, RedDogNamedClippers said:

That sucks to hear that Portland is not likely to make any moves. I guess they believe that Carmelo and Ariza will be their saviors and Lillard has to drop 50 rest of season. Also must feel confident they can re-sign Whiteside or make a deep playoff run before he walks because you don’t need Whiteside, Nurkic and Collins. 

Conley needs to be moved. Besides the fantasy posters on here looking for a homerun stash, everybody knows outside that Mitchell and Ingles run the show in Utah and make that team operate like it does.


Capela as much discussion in here about him. Unless they move Capela to Boston for either Kanter or Theis, running Tucker at the 5 is not going to win a Championship. I don’t care how successful the Warriors were successful running Draymond at the 5, the Rockets are not the Warriors (and it isn’t even close). Plus I still don’t understand why the Rockets need another wing in the trade for Capela. (Rivers, Mclemore, House, Gordon). 

Sucks, GSW turned down an Aaron Gordon for Russell trade. Clearly GSW messed up signing DLo thinking they was going to get something good in a trade when most teams know that they wasn’t planning on keeping him anyways.

 Lol no. It was literally either get D Lo or nothing. At the absolute worst, D Lo allows us to keep a max contract. 

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The Knicks have reportedly had "exploratory" conversations with the Lakers regarding Kyle Kuzma.

It's going to be tough for the Lakers to get equal value back in a Kuzma deal due to his contract, but a potential deal involving Kuzma, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Marcus Morris could work from a numbers standpoint. To be clear, nothing is imminent here, but the Knickerbockers are a bit obsessed with trying to acquire all the power forwards in the league; so maybe there's something here.

One big issue, KCP has a no trade clause -_-

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1 hour ago, csklmf said:

Could be all top 40 fantasy players but irl defense still sucks. 


having now watched every game of his this season, can categorically say D Lo's defense is some of the worst I've ever seen. 

think Harden a few years ago

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2 minutes ago, DiscoNinja33 said:


I have no room for him, i'm shattered.. 

Got Embiid, Holmes, Bryant and BroLo and not allowed to pick up any more centres. 

Can't see him not being included in the deal. 


My drop was McGee. Not a big deal really, but he does have value in Rotisserie. We'll see what happens.

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