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2020 NBA Trade Deadline News and Rumors

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17 minutes ago, beejay6020 said:

Can you do what I can in my league...I have same problem but if I move capela to IR it allows me to pick up a 5th center (4 being active) so can you IR Holmes and do it? Then work super fast to trade one ūüėā


Got Wendell Carter Jnr in my IR slot already. 

Just gonna have to pass. 

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here's Tucker in the playoffs vs EVERY BIG MAN

Quick roundup:   Atlanta Hawks: Interested in Capela, Steven Adams. Pivoted away from Drummond due to extension demands. Hawks Expressed Interest In Trading For Jakob Poeltl. Some of

Kindda agree with this... I don't see the point of posting your entire team in your sig and making the sig so big that it's 90% of your message real estate.    

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36 minutes ago, kilslo said:

I don’t see how Dieng could be involved in that proposed 3 way. Salaries have to match up and Dieng is making close to 16 mil 

Evan Turner and Clint Capela cancel each other out since both players are making 18 mil

RoCo is making 11 mil

Either Houston has a trade exception they are gonna use or they’re likely to take back another player in the 7 mil range 


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