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2020 NBA Trade Deadline News and Rumors

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here's Tucker in the playoffs vs EVERY BIG MAN

Quick roundup:   Atlanta Hawks: Interested in Capela, Steven Adams. Pivoted away from Drummond due to extension demands. Hawks Expressed Interest In Trading For Jakob Poeltl. Some of

Kindda agree with this... I don't see the point of posting your entire team in your sig and making the sig so big that it's 90% of your message real estate.    

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1 minute ago, t0087669 said:

points and 3s - nothing much for Beasle. for me ill take Juancho

Yeah, and D'Lo MIGHT be coming on board in the next few days which will sap Beasley's value. I think Juancho is worth the scoop. Preferably you still should have one more move though for the deadline madness.

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Juancho and Malik are the two most interesting guys here, but we really don't know how they're going to look in Minnesota. Beasley benefits more and he's definitely a 12 team prospective add, Juancho might be more of a 14-16 teamer unless something wild happens and he breaks out. I can see him in that kind of Jake Layman role statistically.



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I think Juancho is the safest add and even then his per 36 numbers aren’t all that exciting 

W Culver and Okogie both being first round picks I imagine they’ll hold more priority over Malik and then there’s the possibly of DLo being traded there 

Probably best to wait for the deadline unless you’re in a 14+ league 

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Added Beasley and dropped Napier. Worth to see what happens. Beasley will not have as many assist as Napier, but he could score a lot of points if started. He's a shoot first point guard.


As far as Juancho. His per 36 in Denver is nothing to drool over but in Minnesota it could be different, he may have more usage.  I think he starts at the four. Not many defensive numbers though.



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37 minutes ago, the1gq2nvy said:

malik provides little outside of 3s and points and dont forget they are still trying to get DLO even though they are shipping out napier. There getting all these picks with the priority of getting dlo in return. With dlo, wiggins and kat there...all these added guys provide little value. 

I actually think with the addition of Beasley and Juancho, Minnesota should be able to stop losing streak and winning some games. 

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1 minute ago, csklmf said:

Some very proud teabag moment from AD and Jokic vs Tucker in playoff

Straight up. I’m so confused. There’s no way this is the final plan. They’re 9-1 w him playing center but in a 7 game series they’d get Molly  wopped.

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Just now, claptondecheeks said:

rockets gm deserves to get fired. a perfectly fine 3pt shooting center was right there for them and he shot himself in the dick. He ruined his seasons and my dreams of hot Gorgui nights.

Facts. I impulse added dieng this morning bc I thought forsure he’d be in this deal to rockets. 

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