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2020 NBA Trade Deadline News and Rumors

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here's Tucker in the playoffs vs EVERY BIG MAN

Quick roundup:   Atlanta Hawks: Interested in Capela, Steven Adams. Pivoted away from Drummond due to extension demands. Hawks Expressed Interest In Trading For Jakob Poeltl. Some of

Kindda agree with this... I don't see the point of posting your entire team in your sig and making the sig so big that it's 90% of your message real estate.    

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1 hour ago, dfstout said:

I am...

1. They have never done that. They won't now.

2. Minnesota just got 2 players in Beasley and Hernangomez who will be free agents this summer. They are going to see what they have with them.

3. Where did all you Dieng playing the PF position come from? Is there a secret chat where you all give each other the Dutch rudder to?

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Just now, claptondecheeks said:

Does Markieff Morris move the needle for anyone either with the clips or Lakers? Harmless isn't doing anything and Kuz not putting up good numbers either.


Depends on who gets shipped from his new team, but presumably he takes a hit leaving NYK. 

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Just now, claptondecheeks said:

No, the other Marcus brother. The one in Detroit.


My bad, but same deal.  Depends on who's left on the PF depth chart.  Either way he would cede FGA to a super duo (more combined usage than Drummond & RJax), still be inefficient and lack the stocks to buoy his value.  

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21 minutes ago, beejay6020 said:

Why would lakers trade kuzma and Bradley for Morris? Wouldn’t you say kuzma is a younger and more promising version of Morris ?


Gotta cause chips for Bron Bron.

Its his birthright.

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These GMs are ruthless, man.


So many trade rumors.


It must be shock to the locker room when a guy is traded. The rosters are so small. And there are no traditional minor leagues, really.


That is to say, it’s not like baseball and hockey which have 30-man squads (correct me if I’m wrong) and are constantly shuffling players on and off the roster. Or like football and their 50 man squads. I bet some guys NFL teams barely know each other.

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