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Aaron Jones 2020 Outlook

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I stopped reading here 

Suddenly lots of love in here. You mean we shouldn't be shying away because his team used a mid round pick (last pick of the second round) on a depth/insurance RB. I thought that was supposed to be th

Some people believe that their "RB1" has to be a "workhorse RB". But the trend of the workhorse RB as it used to be thought of, is getting close to extinct. I've looked up RB trends for Top 12 RB's (i

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I think tomorrow is one of those days where his integration into the passing game will determine whether it's a floor game or something more.


And I think it might have to be the kind of downfield stuff we see from him once in awhile for it to happen.


If it's just running game? It's gonna be floor time and not a great week.

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2 minutes ago, ColoWrex said:

Would it be Williams or Dillon?


Best case for Dillon: 50/50 timeshare, less valuable in PPR

Worst case for Dillon: Jamaal Williams is the guy.

(In a scenario where Jones doesn't play)

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12 minutes ago, LongBalls said:

Another scenario where there isn't really a cuff based on what we've seen. I'd wager you'd see a healthy dose of both guys if Jones didn't play. Leaning a bit more towards Williams since he's trusted in protection.

The way Williams is used I wouldn’t be surprised if Dillon was just a short yardage guy. Possibly goal line. But Aaron is the best goal line back and they’d still trot Williams out there.

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I picked up Williams in all of my leagues. If there's something wrong with Jones, I expect Williams to be the next man up, with Dillon as a change up.

Worst case scenario: Packers lean on both 50/50, but the matchup is too good to pass up either way. I'm definitely starting Williams, if Jones is out.

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He wasn't on the injury report at all this week (limited, DNP etc.), so I assume he's been practicing in full with zero limitations. 

Now he totally misses practice and we KNOW it's injury related.  BUT he's going to talk to media after practice?  What does this mean?? Is he announcing something big or minor....or catastrophic? 

Can anyone recall this sequence ever happening before?

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