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Aaron Jones 2020 Outlook

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I stopped reading here 

Suddenly lots of love in here. You mean we shouldn't be shying away because his team used a mid round pick (last pick of the second round) on a depth/insurance RB. I thought that was supposed to be th

Some people believe that their "RB1" has to be a "workhorse RB". But the trend of the workhorse RB as it used to be thought of, is getting close to extinct. I've looked up RB trends for Top 12 RB's (i

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Just now, jagsfan05 said:

Goodness gracious. I log in and click this thread to see a missed practice and everyone's replies be like:



An elite RB missing the friday practice and showing up on the injured list out of nowhere is like that.

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4 minutes ago, MBarbarian said:

He wasn't on the injury report at all this week (limited, DNP etc.), so I assume he's been practicing in full with zero limitations. 

Now he totally misses practice and we KNOW it's injury related.  BUT he's going to talk to media after practice?  What does this mean?? Is he announcing something big or minor....or catastrophic? 

Can anyone recall this sequence ever happening before?


it isn't unprecedented.  it has happened many times before.  and usually it isn't a good thing.  sometimes its nothing and the guy is simply sick.  other times its the team that has been playing games with the week's injury report and now its time to pay the piper so they list him on the final one of the week.  no point in speculating just wait till there is an official statement and see where the "down played" injury is located on his body

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I just dropped my defense for Williams. Where there is smoke there is fire. Seems awfully suspicious. Hopefully just missed for personal reasons and not a catastrophic injury. Best case scenario diarrhea worst case scenario out for season. 

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9 minutes ago, fantasymad said:

The early bird gets the worm.

Possible hold out? Alien abduction?


That would be an all-time Rotoworld blurb. 

"Aaron Jones was abducted by aliens during practice on Friday. We'll await word from the Packers coaches to see if they got a license plate on the flying saucer that sucked him in. For now, consider Aaron Jones week-to-week."

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If Aaron Jones misses time, Jamaal Williams could just slot right into his massive role.

Rush/reception ratios for GB's RBs so far:

Aaron Jones 75 rushes, 5.2 YPC (5 TDs), 18 receptions (2 TDs) (80/20 run/catch ratio), 24 red zone touches  (1.27 fantasy points per touch)

Jamaal Williams  33 rushes, 4.3 YPC, 13 receptions (72/28), 9 red zone touches, (0.89 fppt)  (zero TDs)

AJ Dillon  13 rushes, 5 YPC, 0 receptions (100)  (0.50 fppt), zero red zone touches  (zero TDs)

Jones and Williams have been used in pretty much the same way.  Williams isn't just a receiving back.  Aaron Jones has all the touchdowns though.  If they slot in Jamaal, they might give Dillon the goal line work, but it looks like they prefer a dual threat RB in the red zone. 

Could have a league winner here.

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Don't think he plays Sunday, but probably will just be a 1 week injury barring a re-aggravation provided the "mild" descriptor is corrrect. Calf injuries are no joke and can easily lead to other injuries (because of compensation) if you force it back too soon.

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