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Aaron Jones 2020 Outlook

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I stopped reading here 

Suddenly lots of love in here. You mean we shouldn't be shying away because his team used a mid round pick (last pick of the second round) on a depth/insurance RB. I thought that was supposed to be th

Some people believe that their "RB1" has to be a "workhorse RB". But the trend of the workhorse RB as it used to be thought of, is getting close to extinct. I've looked up RB trends for Top 12 RB's (i

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17 minutes ago, pastorofmuppets2 said:


of course ... just making an observation - no one said he was playing due to getting on a plane. 

That’s not necessarily  true... with covid they have been keeping players from traveling if they’re not at least going to try to make it on the field... still going to be at minimum game time decision but it would suck if they make him active but only use him as a lesser snap count

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Packers like to allow players to heal ip to 100% before putting them back in games.  They did it with Davante Adams (to wild success) and they will do the same with Aaron Jones.

Shanahan should take note because he keeps rushing his injured RBs back into the game and they often get hurt again.  Last year it was Breida and Coleman, this year it has been Mostert and Wilson...

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4 minutes ago, pastorofmuppets2 said:


Blah blah, words, blah, platitudes, blah blah... Nothing to glean from this. Hopefully he's practicing by Thursday/Friday. Otherwise fire up Jamaal Williams. 

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I think they sit him out. Calf strains are again on those list of injuries that just seem to always yield dreadful results if rushed back. I'm no expert, but it always seems like these guys with a Calf injury end up destroying their ankle a couple weeks later, wonder if it's because of compensating? The KD achilles comes to mind and then the more recent Jeff Wilson ankle.

They shouldn't have issues with the Vikings and probably have faith in Williams, but are definitely going to want him for the turnaround Thursday game.

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