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14 Team Roto Dynasty 6x6 / $100 / Fantrax

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I am setting up a new league and looking to recruit strong owners. The league is 14 teams 6x6 roto dynasty league. It will be hosted on Fantrax. $100 is the buy-in and we will be using fantrax treasury for the money.  Slow draft. 


Daily Lineups

12 bats

10 pitchers

22 active

C, 1B,2B,SS,3B, MI, CI LF, CF, RF, OF, UTL

10- P

8 reserve

30 pro

30 minors

Category scoring: 6x6

















1st place = $600

2nd = $300

3rd = $200

$25 to each team that wins a category


email:  B.M.Inc.X@gmail.com

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4 hours ago, Topha21 said:

Do you only send emails to certain people?

No not at all.

I just noticed you were looking to join another roto league, plus mine, plus starting your own. So I felt wow 3 leagues in total joining this year not to mention if you have more leagues besides those, so there is no way anyone can have 100% effort / attention to more than one league. SO I feel its risky.

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