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Kat for McCollum and capela ?? Whir 100%

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Hi guys 


my team is in first place. For the past month, with kat out, we were still able to win each week. Apart of me is worried about a possible shutdown at the end of the year or some random rests for kat. I’m punting assists and our fg is typically around 44 to 45 percent a week.


its my kat for capela and McCollum ... would you accept? 

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Not the worst offer but I agree with the poster above.  KAT is top 5 dominant and while I adore Capela, CJ is not the clinching 2nd piece in a deal like that.  

  This sounds like a perfect buy low deal from an opponent.

Stay put.  Unless you get another key 2nd piece alongside Clint, such as a Lavine or Mitchell.


May you assist with mine please...


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