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AFC Championship ~ Titans vs Chiefs


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9 minutes ago, SyNdicateZ said:

this tgread is only 3 pages long. If the Patriots were playing it wouid be atleast 6 pages long by now.

Well sure we'd have at least 3 waste-of-time pages with people accusing the Pats of "cheating" on every successful play they have.

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4 minutes ago, DJSatane said:

point is at this point in the game it was obviuous going to be fake so yeah...

Well no kidding lol. Just funny to me to point out they should blame themselves for it. As if anyone could’ve be blamed lol.

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12 minutes ago, DJSatane said:

down by 18, 7 min left and titans still trying to run henry, guess they want to stay true

Exactly - thoughts that they would abandon the run prior to the fourth were never well-founded.

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Just now, ThreadKiller said:

it’s the rule. Gotta turn your head. If you’re not playing the ball, can’t make that much contact. Stupid play by TN DB.

kind of tough on a dead sprint when the receiver jams on the breaks and you turn your head back and put your arm up to block an under thrown pass. 

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Next season Mecole will be  1yr  experienced into the system and add to Kelce+Hill+Watkins+ Mahommes into his 4th year running the west coast offense which takes about 3-4yrs  for a QB to master.  

I'm not sure if I want to spend high draft capital guessing which pass catcher will be the week to week stud. Mahommes can light up anyone at any given moment, even Demarcus. 🤨

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