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Steven Brault 2020 Outlook

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Yea I know...  but he was actually decent outside of April and September last year


Pirates to use LHP Brault as two-way player


The Pirates are considering the possibility of using LHP Steven Brault as a two-way player next year.
Analysis: It is not unprecedented -- the Reds have had great success using Michael Lorenzen as a set-up reliever and outfielder. Brault was an outfielder in college and is excited about the opportunity: "The players that were really good hitters in college then get drafted as a pitcher, they dont just become bad hitters all of a sudden," Brault said. "I think if you can get the reps and everything, I dont see why it wouldnt work." Brault has a 5.16 ERA this year in 19 starts and six relief appearances. He has a .341 batting average in 49 plate appearances this year.
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He's kind of interesting for next year in deeper leagues. He's not likely to be a big strikeout guy, but an 8 K/9 isn't going to make him useless for fantasy purposes. He had three positive value pitches this year according to fangraphs. The fastball has been the pitch that's held him back in the past(and was horrible last year), but it returned a positive 2.5 this year and being it's around 93mph from the left side at an unusual arm angle it could legitimately be a decent pitch.  Pair that with his 2.5 value slider and a 3.8 valued changeup(16th best this year for guys over 40IP) and there may be something here. The last thing he needs to do is get the walks down, and that could easily happen for a guy with 60 potential command.


The thing that got me looking into him more was that he was top 10(for pitchers with over 100 BBE) in avg exit velo(7th), LD/FB exit velo(2nd), and barrels per plate appearance(9th) in 2020 per baseballsavant. Limiting hard contact was something he did decently last year as well, but improved a lot this year obviously, and performing well in all of those categories is at least consistent. That data is backed up on fangraphs as he had the 14th lowest hard hit% for guys over 40IP(111 pitchers went over 40IP).


If he can get the BB/9 down in the 3 range while keeping the 8 K/9 and allowing some of the softest contact in the league, this could be a sneaky guy to grab for free. 

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