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I was approached by the Giannis owner asking if I wanted to trade for Giannis.  It's a 14 team, 9 cat, H2H redraft league and I currently sit in the final playoff spot.  He offered me Giannis and Dwight Powell for Ingram, Capela, and Morant, which I rejected, as I felt that was too much.  What would be a fair offer for Giannis?

Top assets - Ingram, Capela, Morant, Barton, Richardson, J.Murray, and Mitch Rob

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Thanks for looking over mine. That's a rough one. If/When Porzingis comes back, Powell loses much of his value. Ingram/Capela/Morant is a great core and even though none are 1st round picks like Giannis, they are all performing above their ADP (Maybe not Capela, but still.) In a 14 teamer, your depth is key and as much as I like Giannis, I believe you made the right call in rejecting the offer. 

Personally if he offered more than Powell, someone that wasn't possible waiver wire pick up, I'd consider it. As it stands now, your better off probably making smaller trades to gain position within the standings rather than this trade.

Some things to consider. I have no idea how Zions return impacts Ingram, if at all. The Bucks are currently rolling over the East and possible rest days are ahead for Giannis. The Grizzlies are contending for that 8th spot in the West, so Morant should be balling out of his mind these coming months.

Hope this helps.

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This is a tough one. I'm a Giannis owner and I love having him, but I truly believe in depths, especially on a 14-teamer like yours.

Lets consider the ROS of all 3 players he's asking for:

Capella: Should continue providing solid double doubles with high rebounds, great FG, and BLKs. He actually surpasses Giannis in all these categories and Houston isn't making any moves that could affect his value

Ingram: I actually believe his value will go up with Zion as he will have someone else to take the pressure off of him and will be able to spread the floor more efficiently. I think he will continue balling as he had so far

Morant: No comments. I own this guy and he's almost untradable for me unless someone overpays. His minutes are going up, his FG is going up, his TOs are going down, and he wins assists for me every week.

If this guy can offer someone who is not waiver material (say a 5th rounder or so) on top of Giannis, then we can have a discussion, but as it stands right now, I'm rejecting this offer every day.

One more questions, are you punting FT% and TOs by any chance? Because Giannis will kill both for you, so be prepared for that. I know you already own Capela and Mitch Rob but I don't know what the rest of your team looks like. Would you consider offering Capela + Morant for just Giannis in return? To me that is a more fitting offer for someone of Giannis' caliber.

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Honestly I wouldn't do it.  Are you punting ft?  Ingram is worth more than Giannis if you're not punting ft.  Hard to believe but it's true.  Then you throw in Capela and Morant?   Too much


Thanks for helping with mine

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