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Antonio Brown 2020 Outlook

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You know what guys, ignore Schefter—what the fook does that guy know? We need to be listening to a guy with real credibility: Tomei7. 

Godwin broke his own finger to save face before his imminent job loss.  Understandable.

Who cares zigzag. Tonight we are smoking fattys

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1 minute ago, Everynameistaken said:

Not that quiet if everybody and their mommas are reporting it

News just broke this week with an avalanche this afternoon... sounds like talks have been going on for a bit.  So I disagree that it hasn't been quiet.

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2 minutes ago, the1gq2nvy said:

I actually dont think this situation is great. Too crowded and tampa relies on defense a lot.

The situations terrible lol. But everyone gets excited over anything here. Evans brown Godwin gronk running game going good and a good defense. Way too much going on.

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33 minutes ago, UcanTry said:

It’s about the same although Wilson over Brady. But locket and dk vs Evans and godwin so I don’t see a ton of difference there. Evans and godwin have been hurt year over year and again recently. So I’d say it’s a push 

Disagree. Yes Evans/Godwin and DK/Lockett is a push....but Seahawks throw the ball a lot more. They have a much worse defense and are involved in more shootouts. Not to mention Wilson is a much better QB than Brady at this point so he will get max value per target out of Brown too



Still hope he comes to Seattle...

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