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Trade Lillard and Gobert for Harden and Butler?

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Hello :)

I'm playing in 12 team h2h classic 9 cats Yahoo, fighting for playoff spot and leading the number 1 team 9-0 so far this week :). My team is below:

Guards: Lilard, Fox, Hield, Morant, Bledsoe, Satoransky, Huerter, Payton

Forwards: Galinari, N. Powell

Centers: Gobert, Collins, M. Robinson

I have been offered Harden and Butler for my Lilard and Gobert.

Am I overthinking it or is this a steal for me?

I would be short on centres and lose blocks and rebounds but Harden is Harden. It should also be noted that I would lose 1 game in the playoffs (Utah has 12 games, Portland, Houston and Miami 11 in my playoff schedule).

As always WHIR to all :)


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If you look at this deal from the last 30 days, it's fairly even. However when you narrow it down to the last 1-2 weeks the Lilard/Gobert side is out ranking Harden/Butler.

I think that names are clouding better judgement on the trade offer.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying reject the trade, I'm just saying it's as lopsided as others are claiming. 

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LOL, thank you all for saying that's not vetoable.  -___-'

If you got offered that, you're basically stealing from someone who is handing you their money.  Uhhhh ... so I guess that's not stealing?  It sure feels like it.  :P

Harden's been sucking hard, esp from distance, and it shows in his FG%.  If you count FT%, Harden and Jimmy basically anchor your team in that area.  And you're winning hard in (harden) stls, FT%, points, and assists.  You're actually not giving up too many boards and blocks as you'd think, though the FG% will sting a bit.  However, I'd definitely take that.

However, you REALLY need to find another big.  Collins and Mitch Rob are laughable as your frontcourt duo.  Do whatever you can and gut your guards to get a few bigs, since even originally, Gobert+Collins wasn't great as your only source of big man stats.  I'd be selling Payton ASAP, and once Sato or Morant have a good game, package them up for a big man.  Holmes and Bagley are buy-low options, since you apparently like Kings, hah.  Embiid's owner might give him up for someone like Jimmy+more. Stash Noel/Wood if available. You could probably get Adams for pennies.  If you've got an IL, stash Nurk.  

Good luck.

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Harden is truly great when punting fg and to. Dame for him would be a yes for most if not all. Butler is producing different stats than expected  so he just wasn’t  the owner’s favorite in my view.

what would be the reasons to trade harden away in the first place? He can rest games here and there and still retain #1 rank.

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14 hours ago, the_grubiii said:

Hello guys :)

After rejecting this trade a week ago, je offered me this once again, but I'm a little hesitant this tame. I'm thinking about just trading Dame for Harden, Gobert is a bit too much, no?

Whir always :)

Yea, do Dame for Harden 


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