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Looking for 12 new owners for a Unique League Setup (Details inside!) (ESPN, FREE)

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I have built a tiered style setup consisting of 6 10 team leagues where how you finish determines if you get promoted, stay at your current level, or even get knocked out of the league at seasons end!  This is going into it's 8th season too so it's been around awhile now!  It's H2H points with mostly typical roster setup. No Keepers.





The Bigs - The Ultimate goal and the best of the best end up here


Triple AAA & Double AA - Middle tiers


Single High A, Single Low A, and Rookie Ball - Lower Tier and where you would start out


I have a league constitution available upon request and all rules are enforced including inactivity penalties.


Draft will be voted on once the leagues are full


This setup takes a good level of dedication otherwise you simply won't win enough to have a chance to move up so activity is a must.  Please only apply if you will be active and dedicated to the full season.  Leave a email address and how many years you have done fantasy baseball, thanks!

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44 minutes ago, Yankees4life said:

Is it competitive 

It has to be otherwise moving up wouldn’t be much better fun lol. I always run active leagues. I replace dead owners quickly and enforce punishments for inactivity. 4 days or more of inactivity results in a 5 point deduction per day of inactivity. So if you go 6 days without setting your lineup, you lose 30 points. Season point totals matter when it comes to promotions or demotions 

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