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Need two owners for CBS keeper league

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Hello all...we lost two owners this year, one after losing a medical battle and one with new family obligations. 

$105 entry fee. 8 team keeper. C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, 3 OF, 2 UT and 9 pitchers. At this time we're change lineup weekly with 30 man rosters.

We have 9 0ffensive and 9 pitching categories with H2H each week between all teams. Plenty of trading and a deep waiver pool with no free agent budgets.

We have several ways to offer new owners on how to build. The existing teamss are very strong. One of them more than doubled their money last year and was a world series finalist.

The other has an existing roster of Grandal. Abreu, Altuve, Machado, Trea Turner. Bryce, Mookie, Thor and Paxton. We would typically have existing six owners name six keepers and new owners can pick one from each with none of the existing losing more than one in the first round. Existing teams can NOT take players from the two open teams. Once all 8 have six, the existing teams keep six more...new owners take six more and once we all have 12, all players go into the pool for a slow snake draft. But we are flexible, and just taking teams as is and keeping 12 is also an option. Most owners are in the Nashville area with one in TX and one in Miami. Lots of ways to win Last year had these payouts:1st place - 200  in W-L loss standings 2nd place - 100 2 1st Round Winners - $25 2 World Series Participants - $50 WS Winner - $50 6 Categories (TBD) - $25 each Off- HR, TB, 1B pitching- IP, WHIP, W-L All total $650  Email me at cubfever7@yahoo.com if interested and the Commish can work with you on an invite to see the league and answer questions.

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