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Startup 5x5 Redraft Looking for Committed Owners

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12 Team Fantrax 5x5 - 50 dollar - 3/14 4:00 PM EST Draft

I’ve done a lot of bouncing around from league to league over the years and I am looking to start a redraft league that will last for a long and owners can be active and communicative over the years, we will use a slack channel for league communication. The Buy-in will be 50 dollars per owner done through Fantrax treasurer and payouts will be: 400 to 1st, 150 to 2nd and 50 to 3rd.


I set a draft date of 3/14 at 4:00 pm this year but moving forward we will decide as a group how to handle the draft as well as any potential rule changes


The rules are pretty simple and can be seen at the image below but I have also included a quick synopsis. 



Categories are as follows: QS, ERA, WHIP, K, SV | AVG, HR, RBI, R, SB


1 C
1 1B
1 2B
1 SS
1 3B
1 MI
1 CI
5 OF
9 P
6 Bench
3 IL 

All fees and payouts will be managed via Fantrax treasurer.  Payout is 400 to 1st, 150 to 2nd, 50 to 3rd

Email me at eric.goodnow@gmail.com with any questions or to join.

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