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Looking for dynasty/keeper league

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Hey Blake,

We have an orphaned team in my league. It's a 16 team H2H points keeper league. We keep 20 minors/20 majors. The rest get thrown into the draft pool before the season along with the First Year Players. Buy-in with website fee is $88 on cbssportsline. It's actually a pretty good team. It has some solid major leaguers, but the minors need a little bit of work maybe. Some names on the roster are:

Alex Bregman

Giancarlo Stanton

Javier Baez

Yoan Moncada

Nick Castellanos

Miguel Andujar

Luis Severino

Yu Darvish

Griffin Canning

Matthew Liberatore

Hunter Greene

The team comes with the #2 pick in the FYPD as well and it's a not-snaking draft. The league has been in operation since 2013. 

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New league starting up on Fantrax - $75 - keepers - minors - 16 teams - categories - top 5 playoff finishers paid 


Rules Page: https://www.fantrax.com/newui/fantasy/leagueRulesSummary.go?leagueId=ymz3u7fkk1rywvac

Quick Join Link: https://www.fantrax.com/newui/fantasy/joinLeague.go?leagueId=ymz3u7fkk1rywvac&isSubmit=y


email fantasysports@perdueartworks.com with any questions

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We play for fun, our love of baseball, and to indulge in our need for even-handed competition in a challenging, leveling, custom built format. We’re not for everyone. 

35th Consecutive Season: Head-To-Head, Mixed, Auction, Keeper League. We need one Replacement Owner.

This is a General Manager type league, not a daily lineup manager style.

Double the number of active roster slots (24 Hitters and 22 Hurlers) per team, so lots and lots of stats, which has the same leveling effect as 162 games in The Show. Our Pennant races are often tight. Also every team is in our Playoffs. Deep League player pool penetration is achieved using extra active roster slots per team, because the Quality of Owners is more important than the Quantity of Owners. It’s easier to find and keep 10 owners with double rosters,  than 20 good team owners with the standard number of active roster slots.

No Bench. Everyone plays, except those on DL or in the Farm. Can’t hide players from your opponents via a Bench.

Keeper league, but not too many.

Farm, but not too deep.

Our Categories are deliberately set up in opposition to one another, making for more varied strategic and tactical decisions.

$15 League Fee goes to server.

  • H2H- A single win each week.
  • Keepers- Max 15 MLB, 6 Farm; No Minimums
  • 10 Teams, but Deep, as each team has 46 active roster slots. Twice the typical league.
  • Mixed NL and AL
  • Auction OnLine- Our Auction Day is Sunday, March 29, 2020 beginning at 1:00 p.m. EDT.
  • In-Season Acquisitions:  three opportunities each week for Free Agent Acquisitions based on reverse order of the standings, a single acquisition per team per round; MLB style Waiver Claims once per week.
  • Reverse order of the current standings for priority for  in-season Free Agent Acquisitions and Waiver Claims. One Successful Request per team per round.
  • OnLine Off-Season 30 minute Trading Party two hours before Midnight Freeze Roster Deadline on February 29, 2020.
  • We despise Ghost Teams, owners who give up and stop actively making moves during the season.
  • Farm Players can be acquired both during the season and during our 10 Round Farm Draft one week after our Auction Day. Max 10 Farm roster slots during the season. Max 6 Farm Keepers.
  • Please Contact League Commissioner James Morgan by way of StirNotCommissioner at gmail  should you be interested in joining our League.
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I have a 16 team dynasty league that has a 25 man roster, 7 NA, and 5 IL.  We keep 25 and have an offline draft for prospects.  We are currently in our 2nd year and this will be the 1st draft for prospects.  Therefore, you have a chance to mold your team the way you like.  The team is good but need a little care.  It has the 4th pick.  I have attached the roster.  Let me know at zencitytony@hotmail.com  


DyNasty League Rosters.replacements.docx

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