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I’ve been offered Marlon Mack straight up for Gardner Minshew (2QB PPR dynasty).  I would still be left with Russell, Kyler, Tanny and Mariota at QB.   My current rbs are Aaron Jones, Derrick Henry(just traded Godwin for but it’s contingent on Jameis being week 1 starter), Devonta Freeman, Damien Williams, Royce Freeman and Matt Breida. 

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1 hour ago, GreatScott! said:

I don’t like it in a 2QB league. Mariotta won’t be starting for anyone anytime soon. I like the resurgence of Tanny but what if he goes back to being his normal self? I’d rather keep Minshew in a 2QB league. 

Thanks for the reply. I did go ahead last night and pull the trigger on this. I guess I’m a little more confident in what I saw from Tannehill than you, but I understand your point. Mack’s age(not even 24 til next month) combined with having the benefit of running behind arguably the best o-line in football were the deciding factors for me. 

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Depends on what you can do in the draft. If you are able to get a young arm, then it's an easy Mack pick. If you have to roll next year with Wilson, Murray, and Tannehill, I wouldn't feel awesome. One QB injury or a return to earth from Tannehill puts you in a really weird spot. Having a backup plan with a draft pick would help a long way.

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