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2020 Bold Predictions

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1 minute ago, charger_ss24 said:

I’ll guess either Longoria or Yaz.

No it was bonds. I'm just an idiot and cant read a table. I edited the post but not quickly enough. 

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James Paxton stays healthy all season, oh wait. I already lost.        


What were you saying about #2?

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James Karinchak becomes the new Josh Hader, except he does it with a Kershaw-like curve instead of a super fastball


Emmanuel Clase becomes the new-age Zach Britton, but with a 100 mph sinker instead of a 96 mph one


Gregory Polanco fulfills his promise, going 20/20 before getting injured for the last 6 weeks of the season


Joey Gallo hits .245 and 50 bombs, while walking 105 times. Oh yea, K% is still 35%. Finishes 5th in AL MVP voting


Corey Kluber sports an 89-90 mph fastball in April, gets destroyed. Ownership % drops to 70% in Yahoo. But he rewards the faithful with a sub-3 ERA in the 2nd half

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On 2/19/2020 at 1:41 AM, Thenewwildone8 said:

1. Twins, Astros and the A’s all miss the playoffs.


2. Rendon is not even the 10’th best 3B in fantasy.


3. Trout is no longer a top 5 fantasy option.


4. Sale and Severino have better seasons than Flaherty and Verlander.


5. Stanton is actually healthy and is in the AL MVP discussion.


6. Luis Robert disappoints in his first season, Dylan Carlson on the other hand carries St. Louis.


We have our first incorrect prediction folks (#5)

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#1: Dansby Swanson goes 30/15 and is a consensus top 50 player going into next season.  Think Ketel Marte type breakout.


#2: Julio Urias pitches 160 innings and finishes top 5 in the NL Cy Young


#3: Jesus Luzardo is the unanimous AL RoY.  Kieboom finishes second and Robert finishes 3rd despite going 25/15 and being a fantasy stud(his Obp will he sub .300).


#4: 2020 proves to be a huge rebound year for veterans, with Posey, Pujols, Cano and Votto all being fantasy relevant in all formats

#5: Trout stays healthy for the entire season and hits exactly 62 home runs, becoming the single season home run king sans asterisk.




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7 hours ago, FouLLine said:

Willie Calhoun out hits Pete Alonso despite the huge difference in ADP.


Lance McCullers ascends to that ace we all hoped he would be one day.


Rizzo & Schwarber hit .285+ combined.

With McCullers, are you basing that on the limited innings he will likely have? (125ish)

Rizzo and Schwarber hitting .285 combined is indeed bold

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Bold prediction. Alex Bregman finishes as the ninth overall fantasy shortstop in standard roto and outside of the the top 30 overall players. All of the following fantasy shortstops will score more roto points than him. 









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On 2/6/2020 at 4:46 PM, meh2 said:

1. Matt Olson outproduces Pete Alonso. Not bold enough? How about Edwin Encarnación outproduces Pete Alonso.

2. Frankie Montas and Zac Gallen have better years than Chris Sale and Luis Severino.

3. Corey Seager finishes as a top 50 player.

4. Teoscar Hernandez finishes as a top 30 outfielder.

5. Yu Darvish finishes top 3 in Cy Young voting.

6. Aaron Civale and Kevin Gausman finish as top 40 SPs.

7. Blake Treinen replaces Kenley as closer by June.

8. Mark Canha finishes as a top 20 outfielder.


On 2/19/2020 at 2:32 AM, Thenewwildone8 said:

#2, #8, #5, #6 are as likely as the Astros not cheating in 2017

What were you saying about #2?

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Brandon Lowe finishes top 5 second basemen.  He forces Rays hand and gets 550 at bats, hits .280, with 33 homers, 90 RBIs and 95 runs, with a handful of SBs sprinkled in.

Archie Bradley leads MLB in saves with 43 stops.

Michael Pineda’ Fat a** comes back from the most disgraceful PED suspension ever and finishes top 30 among SP due to winning 16+ games with sterling whip.  

Yankees are forced to Disgrace List Tanaka due to being 100% washed and finished with an era over 6 at Memorial Day.

On other hand JA HAPP makes a bounce back and has a respectable year finishing top 40 with 15 wins, a sub 4 era, 1.25 era and K per 9.

Michael Wacha becomes a relief ace.  Takes over Mets closer job after bum loser Diaz and his 10 cent Mariner brain falls apart again. The bullpen becomes Wacha’s new home and he enters 2021 as a top 10 closer.


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Okay here we go.  My not so well thought out bold predictions.


1.  Soto & Trout win MVPs.  -  Not that bold, but I need to boost my correct %

2.  Astros don't win the AL West -  Their pitching is a mess.  Hitting on the surface seems okay, but can they handle the pressure of getting asked about cheating over and over?

3.  Matt Shoemaker is a top 40 pitcher - Stuff has never been a problem, it's been health.  A Rich Hill/Charlie Morton type

4.  Drew Pomeranz is a fantasy asset -  As a reliever last year, he pitched 28.2 innings, had 8 walks, 16 hits, 6 Er and 50!!  strikeouts.  over 70 innings that's basically..  70 ip 1.88era, .8 whip.  125k  yes, please

5.  Rays win the WS.  Not bold enough?  Over the Braves who haven't won a playoff series in like 20 years or something.

6.  Luis Castillo wins the Cy Young

7.  Jo Adell is a 2nd rounder next year

8.  Austin Nola and Isaiah Kiner-Falefa are fantasy relevant in 12 team leagues.

9.  One of Josh James, Freddy Peralta, or Dylan Bundy are top 25 pitchers

10. Bryce Ball is a top 100 prospect by the end of the season.  Look up Ball Bunyon.  If/when the NL goes to DH...watch out.  

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On 2/27/2020 at 10:03 AM, Cmilne23 said:

Stanton plays in over 20 major league regular season games.  

not sure you can be more bold than that.  

Marco defies all odds, and is MLB only 20 game winner

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I see your 10 @kidtwentytwo.  I'll take a stab ...


1. Pete Alonso hits over .275 with 40+ HRs and solidifies himself as a late first rounder in 2021.

2. One of the Newcomb, Wright, or King Felix finishes as a top-50 SP

3. Hunter Harvey has more than 25 saves.  Andres Munoz gets 15+ himself after the trade deadline.

4. Danny Jansen has the breakout catcher year everyone expected last year - .270+ AVG with 20+ HRs.

5. David Price wins 15+ games with 175+ Ks.

6. So does Kenta Maeda for the Twins.

7. Ke'Bryan Hayes posts a 15/15 season.  Pirates OFs combine for 50+ steals.

8. Austin Riley has a vintage Troy Glaus season - .250+, 30+, 100+

9. Half of the top-20 closers by March NFBC ADP lose their jobs at some point in the season, whether due to injury, trade, or performance.

10. Oakland, Minnesota, and Tampa win their divisions with NYY and HOU taking the wild cards.  Atlanta, St. Louis, and Los Angeles win their divisions with Cincinnati and Philadelphia winning wild cards. 


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On 2/17/2020 at 10:24 AM, Dirty Little Birdie said:

Anyone know if Taobball is going to give his top 200 this year? I haven't seen him post in a while and I know he was writing for different outlets as of last season. I always look forward to his predictions - bold or otherwise. 


Any update on this? What happened to him? Seems like he just kinda disappeared?

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On 2/26/2020 at 11:24 PM, Fbaseballgod said:

We have our first incorrect prediction folks (#5)

Only #4 and to be fair both TJS were unexpected. Stanton will be healthy for the time the season actually starts.

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14 hours ago, DavidbivaD said:


Any update on this? What happened to him? Seems like he just kinda disappeared?

Nothin. Here's his twitter https://twitter.com/cj_freel?lang=en . Back on FEB 5th he posted that the 2020 draft guide was in this works. Since then he hasn't posted anything. I've commented on the post asking if there were any updates on an ETA and he hasn't responded. His 2019 guide was posted back on March 17th of 2019 so I assumed this years write up would be available around the 17th but I guess not. I'll keep checking and let everyone know if/when he posts it but I have a sneaky suspicion he jumped ship on this years write up. 

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On 3/31/2020 at 2:10 AM, Thenewwildone8 said:

Only #4 and to be fair both TJS were unexpected. Stanton will be healthy for the time the season actually starts.

Chris Sale’s TJS was unexpected? Taken from the Chris Sale thread on 2/16 someone posted:

Ending the season shut down, visiting Dr. Andrews, and getting PRP injections are most definitely red flags for me. I now am concerned about the possibility of recurring issues with the elbow and the worse case scenario of TJ surgery in his future. 

Luis Severino having arm problems this year was unexpected? And it took a pandemic to potentially save your Stanton prediction so you’re not going to take an L on that? You really are never wrong, are you? Most people would’ve been like “yeah, I crapped the bed on those two predictions”, but hey, you do you.

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