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2020 LABR mixed draft

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Betts 5th overall?!?! Must’ve been before the Dodgers trade unless he’s punting RBIs. 👀

I really love Jeff Erickson’s team. Hiura, Bichette, Cruz, Gallen, Encarnación are all Meh favorites this year.

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4 hours ago, murraygd13 said:

I think they were in the 4th or 5th round or so when news starting coming down of the possible Betts trade to the Dodgers.


Correct, draft was on Tuesday, Sporer was asked on twitter when he picked Maeda if he was aware of if it and if that is why he selected him. He answered yes to both.

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adding why to aware
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8 hours ago, Crusaderfan said:

Anyone know when this draft was held?



I am pretty sure it was last weekend as Pisapia was talking about it on his Wednesday podcast and that it was a few days earlier in Vegas. 

correction: that was a different draft. 

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For those interested, Paul Sprores podcast (the sleeper and the bust) did a 3 hour and 45 minute podcast while drafting. Kind of a fun listen to :).


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11 minutes ago, ssmarsh said:


Drafting two months before the season starts is dumb.

Industry people do it to lead the way. It makes sense for them. i.e. why you see magazines with rankings 3-4 months prior to start of season.

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