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DYNASTY_2020: 1st Year Free Start-up Yahoo! Deep Dynasty Seeking Owners

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Leave/send me your email if interested (might help if you let me know why you’d be a good fit for our league)… 


Initiating a deep 16-20 team 1st year Yahoo! Dynasty league to include prospects. 6x6 Head-to-Head 6 playoff team league with 26-player MLB roster and a 10-player Minor League roster (NA slots) the inaugural season that expands yearly by 5 until ~25 MiLB roster limit is reached.   


Also searching for 1 or 2 strong co-commissioners, as needed, to work with for the logistics of building a sustainable and enjoyable league. Please request to join only if you are committed to promoting competitive enjoyment (active & friendly = no drama).  

Slow draft (8 or 12 hour time limit) to begin as soon as team ownership is on solid foundation, but not prior to Feb 22nd.   



C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, , MI, CI, LF, CF, RF, OF, DH 

SP x3, RP x4, P x1 


IL x3+

NA x10+



Yahoo! head-to-head 6x6 scoring system:

Hitting: R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OPS 

Pitching: W, SV, K, HLD, ERA, WHIP


Any questions?


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Looking to replace 4 owners... teams are Bucs, Penguins, Gunslingers & Whigs.


League By-laws are in draft: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GYgSOVfXNlsZBQa4TdjUbd0C1hHNZXbMcGGpq2I0Gec/edit#heading=h.gp7nwrb24fqz

Email me at jahmeister22@gmail.com with why you would be a good fit and if you are knowledgeable of deep minor league player pools. 

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