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Max Scherzer 2020 Outlook

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It’s weird the beat writers said he was banged up all leading up to the game , Twitter said he was wincing during pregame warmups and he pitched anyway. If there’s any optimism it’s that this doesn’t appear to be a sudden catastrophic injury 

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Max Scherzer was pulled from Wednesday's start versus the Mets after one inning because of a hamstring injury.

Scherzer actually first felt a tweak in his hamstring prior to his last start against the Blue Jays. It then flared up on him again Tuesday, only in a different spot. The right-hander decided to try to gut it through Wednesday's outing, but he didn't look sharp in the first inning and they decided not to risk further injury. Scherzer is expecting to be ready for his next start.

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2 hours ago, FoulPole said:

This guy needs to take his stupid non matching eyes and get the hell out of baseball

I hear you, he's a very frustrating SP to own and watch. [...]

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For pitchers, especially Nats pitchers, I'm giving a pass on this year. Nats pitchers had a lot of post season innings last year. Not much of an off-season, spring training and baseball shut down, and a short time to gear up for the 60 game season. With Covid PPD there hasn't been a set schedule for a lot of pitchers or teams. Some have handled better than others though I feel that is part of the reason so many minor league players are making their debut this year.


As for Max think his back is still troubling him. Last night was also some of the worst ball/strike calls I have ever seen. Finally pushed me into believing an electronic strike zone is really needed. Poor calls led to the first two runs. And he still had a QS on the plus side.


A con though is he is a max effort pitcher and Father Time is going to get him one of there years.

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You can't just look at a pitcher's K/9 and FIP and call it a day.  One of the biggest reasons you pay up in drafts to get upper-tier SPs is volume, and he's just not providing that this season.  From 2015-2019, his average innings per start was around 6 2/3.  This season it's down to about 5 1/3.  That means even if he were providing the same ERA and WHIP -- which he's definitely not -- he would only be delivering about 80% of the value he did over the last five seasons.

So why are his outings shorter this year?  His pitch count per start is down a bit -- about 95 instead of 100+, but that only accounts for a small amount of the loss in innings.  What's really killing him is the walks.  His BB/9 over the last 5 years has been around 2, and it's 3.32 this year.  He's just not as efficient, and efficiency is what helps the truly elite aces pile up Ks and stabilize your ratios.


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