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Kenyan Drake 2020 Outlook

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2 minutes ago, yossarian said:

between the injury and Edwards's performance things are...not looking good.

I'm thinking it's his Achilles. 

The fact that he limped off - i remember when Sherman popped his he just kinda walked off the field like no big deal, where people who sprain ankles either hop or get carted off - plus him crying on the way off makes me think they have a pretty good feeling it's a season ender right away.

It's too bad.  I was hoping the Dallas game would spark a turnaround, have him running with more confidence.  This injury is going to cost him a lot of money in free agency.

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The Edmonds owner in my league was trying to trade him to me before the cart got off the field.

I'd been a Drake truther, but he looked bad tonight. He bobbled a simple pass for a short gain and totally d*ckfingered a screen pass that anyone on this board could've caught. I drafted him hoping he'd become more a pass-catcher but he looks to have hands of stone. I don't know if Edmonds can handle a bellcow load but he's probably a better fit for the offense.

I felt bad seeing Drake crying. Hopefully it's not a season-ender.


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He had a gruesome injury to the same ankle back at Alabama. I think he’s crying because of the trauma of the ankle. if you haven’t seen the injury you can find it on YouTube. It’s on par with Dak’s injury

Gotta feel for the guy in a contract year, hopefully nothing serious 

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6 hours ago, shenaulty said:

this is good news, he won't waste a roster spot any more. let us rejoice!


2 minutes ago, ponchsox said:

Not sad that this happened. Now we have a true lead RB.


Just now, El_Chingon said:

Pretty callous take, no one should wish injury on another human being.



dumb azz takes. 


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