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Rare Opening - 6th year Dynasty H2H categories (16 team)

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Thanks for clicking to read more about the opening! We have open opening for year 6 of the QFL MLB dynasty league. We're looking to be very selective with this opening so please email me at dsanders877@gmail.com and provide a bit about yourself, how long you've been playing dynasty/keeper baseball and why you'd be right for the league.
$60 fee w/ 100% payouts after Fantrax fee.  All funds are held through Fantrax and we have a GroupMe chat, which mades trade conversations easy. Our record for trades in a day is 17, on the 2018 trade deadline!!!
    1. Total fees collected

      1. 16 teams x $60 = $960

      2. Premium League Fee- $80

      3. $880 available for payouts

    2. Payouts

      1. Champion- 40%

      2. 2nd place - 20%

      3. 3rd place- 10%

      4. 4th-8%

      5. 5th- 7%

      6. 6th-6%

      7. Consolation Bracket Winner 5%

      8. Legacy Pot-4%

Here's a link to the constitution (if the link doesnt work for you, just email me!): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IbkjhxJ-1M70tDwob1Ms1lADwQFmMgbGP92NCwsrooc/edit?usp=sharing
Available roster includes:
Luis Robert
Stephen Strasburg
Nolan Gorman
Amed Rosario
Starling Marte
Sandy Alcantara
Mitch Keller
Carlos Rodon
Brett Honeywell Jr.
Lourdes Gurriel Jr.
Austin Hays
Kevin Cron
13 draft picks in our upcoming 5 round rookie/j2 draft (1.06, 2 2nds, 6 3rds, 2 4th and 2 5ths)
Please email me at dsanders877@gmail.com if interested with why you should get the available spot.
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