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NASCAR DraftKings $25 One Month League (4 weeks) 100% payout LeagueSafe

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Hello all,

Me and some of my friends are looking to start a DFS NASCAR league on DraftKings, and looking for others to join.


Our season long league (after great years of fun) has for the most part fallen apart because of people moving into different parts of their life (marriage, moving and new jobs).

So for the few of us left, we wanted the fun of a daily fantasy league, but the more longevity of a season long league.

So we decided to have a month long NASCAR league, divided up into 7 weeks. The highest scoring player after 7 NASCAR races will be the winner. Why 7? Because I'm using the March Madness pool on league safe to get the quickest payout.....


Our little spin on it is: only your 5 highest scoring weeks count, with the lowest 2 being dropped. This is so a wreck doesnt totally destroy your chances of winning. The only time the lowest score would count is because of a tiebreaker. If still tied after that, the tied players would split the winnings tournament style.


I would send out a free league invite on DraftKings every week for the next four races. Will keep a running score on this post. Entry fee is $25. $25 for 2 month of NASCAR fun!


Payout would be as follows, and would be 100% finalized after the first week when we know how many wana play. Percentages are of the total money collected in LeagueSafe (100% payout, majority vote)


1st: 33% 

2nd: 25%

3rd: 17%

4th: 13%

Remaining top 25% of players (rounding down: the top 25% of 101 players would still be 25.): evenly split the remaining 12%. Rounding up in whole dollars.


This format only works with at least 10 players. More, awesome. 


If interested, either pay the fee or let me know!



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