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10-team ESPN league ($100) - DRAFTS TONIGHT (2 spots open)

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Hey guys, Austyn Varney (@VarneyDFS on Twitter) here. I write for Awesemo and RotoBaller and have hopefully helped some of you who play DFS in the past. 

-10 team 

- H2H most categories

- $700/$300 payout 

-League Slack Chat 

We had a full league, but two of the members are a no go - would love to fill this and keep the draft on schedule. Please shoot me an email at section5sportss@gmail.com if you have any interest. Please note the 2 s’ at the end of sports. 


Feb 20, 8:30 PM EST - 

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Forgot to put $ amount
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It's time that I state my case on scammer Austyn Varney......


Let me introduce everyone to Mr Austyn Varney. And it pains me to use the preface Mr before the first name. I'll give you a quick background this kid advertised fantasy football league and the rotow ward world forums $250 ESPN guaranteed payouts blah blah. I joined the league was told to send the money via venmo to a  person named Jake Groggins. Now I was skeptical all along because I had read some things about Varney not paying people out taking people's money whatever so I inquired. I was told that that was past discrepancies, all was good, everybody was paid everything's above board don't worry. I put my faith in Mr Austin Varney.  1 hour prior to the draft kicking off the date and time was changed for no apparent reason other than to collect more money which is a total scam as you'll soon see. 

I believe what happens is the following: Varney advertises these leagues on different forums. They're not exactly super high expensive but they're not cheap either about $250 plus per team. He'll promise you the sun the moon and the stars wants the payment immediately via  venmo and many times it's the various names where you're supposed to send the money which I believe is people that he also owes money too for whatever reason or else different aliases that he uses. Varney will set up multiple teams within the league and their different names and different email addresses. So in a 12 team League let's say he might control seven of the 12 teams while five of the 12 are poor slobs like me that thought everything was legitimate and above board. so each league did he creates he might bring in 1500 plus dollars. If he does that with four or five leagues per fantasy season you're talking about five, six, seven thousand dollars this guy is getting per season by scamming people!!  What happened was I won the league and the league itself was pretty much dead very rarely did anyone make any add drops--me and one other guy. I was proud of my accomplishments...especially being a father of 3 around Christmas time...all ready to collect my payment(about $1,500) for being The League winner.  Upon multiple and repeated emails questioning when I will receive my winnings Varney finally responded and says that "the league was a dead league, there's no payouts, people have been(supposedly) refunded" and if it was a seriously active league he'll get you on a technicality of "well you didn't pay the $250 team renewal fee by such and such a date which nullifies any winnings as it is according to the league rules".

Very rarely will someone take this to this level like I am and I will.  Varney picked the wrong person to screw with.  My mission is to not only get my money back with interest that I put into this league but also to destroy this guy's reputation for being a scam artist to save someone else from falling victim to the same nefarious dealings.

Now in the meantime I've been reaching out with Varney via Twitter...he thinks people will just go away and forget about it... not me. I reach out to this kid and he's got excuse after excuse after excuse after excuse after excuse.  He'll tell you that he's trying hard give him some time, he'll tell you that he'll get you the money by Tuesday.. Tuesday comes and goes you don't have the money..oh then he'll say that he was referring to the following Tuesday...that date comes and goes and you don't have the money,  he'll tell you that he's living out of the back of a van, he'll tell you that he's working odd jobs and saving up to get you your money, he'll tell you that his dog is very sick and he just had to pay a huge expense to have the dog's life saved, he'll tell you that he's a diabetic and desperately needs insulin and all of his money has to go towards that or he's going to die blah blah blah it's all bulls*#t nonsense lie upon lie upon lie.  

It's way past time for this fraudster scamster catch me If You can scumbag to be caught and to honestly be prosecuted. Too many people have been screwed out of money adding up to the thousands of thousands of dollars over the years I'm sure. All you have to do is look here on Rotoworld... there's whole threads about how shady this guy is. 

The bottom line is please people... stay far far away from this scammer! He's disgusting, low life, scum of the Earth, flies that fly around piles of dog sh#t is the level this kid is at. He's a scammer, a fraud, and a crook. I don't want to see anyone taken advantage of like he's done to me and many others already. 

Finally, I'm a very sympathetic and understanding person. I've given this guy many many many many chances to come through. Everyone has a story, everyone has a situation, everyone has bills everyone has a family, everyone is dealing with the covid pandemic, everyone has things that they have to take care of....I understand that but I've given this dude months to get me my money back and he hasn't giving me a dam penny!! I offered to put him on a payment plan, make an honest attempt etc, I told him to get me a little bit here a little bit there, I told him I appreciate the fact that he's trying.... he ain't trying at all!!!

Bottom line....Austyn Varney is a lying sack of dog sh*t that preys upon people to give up their hard-earned money to join one of his scam,fake, crooked fantasy sports leagues of which he never has any intention of paying anyone out. All that money's for him to fuel whatever habits he has.



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Posted (edited)

Could not agree more...


only problem is they allow it...and the scumbag goes by so many alias'


I have been in contact with people who have actually tried to track him down...in Florida


you would think forums like this would be able to weed people like him out after soooo much time.....

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I was scammed by him in a $100 baseball head to head league  He bull-shitted his way all the way to end of the season.  He uses his mom's Paypal e-mail for payments.  His mom is obviously in in it, which makes this more disgusting. Paypal can't do anything because he required payments are made via Friend/Family, which is basically cash.  I have his mom's name and place of business.  I have his phone numbers and addresses.  I've filed forms in two places for on-line fraud on him which is what Paypal recommended me do.  No response.  I've reported to my local police - no response.  He will get away with this for years.  I have all his emails and aliases too.  If anyone is interested you can contact me at reseirs@yahoo.com   I don't know what else can be done with the info I have.  Hard lesson learned

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