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My keeper conundrum. Need to pick 4


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10 teams, 4 keepers, snake draft, I would have the 6th pick in the first round if I don’t keep a player with that value.  Brand new league as of 2019 so all players are eligible to be kept for another 2 seasons.  In the scenario where 2 players with the same draft round value are kept, one of the players bumps down to the next round (i.e. 6 > 7)

Batting cats: Avg, R, H, HR, RBI, BB, SB, CS

Pitching cats: W, QS, SV, BSV, HLD, CG, SHO, ERA, WHIP, K’s

Player : Draft Round Value

Acuna & Bregman (1)

Freeman (2)

Soto (3)

Buehler (5)

Flaherty & Strasburg (6)

Eloy Jimenez & Nelson Cruz (9)

Moncada (17)

Carlos Santana (21)

Fried, Soroka, Gallen, Josh Bell (last round)

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I think you have to go Acuna, the best player in baseball.

I think Buehler is a lock at round 5.

Soto in the 3rd is really nice.

Then it's between Flaherty in the 6th which is awesome value or Bregman//Freeman in the 2nd, or Moncada in the 17th. 

Really difficult to decide there, actually super difficult, but you can't really go wrong. I guess I'd go Flaherty.

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