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Last keeper help?


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12-team, traditional 5x5, keep 8.

Keepers are tagged with their drafted rounds, and free agents are kept in rounds 23 and back in a 30-round draft. 

For my final keeper, would you keep Mitch Garver, Dinselson Lamet, or Frankie Montas? All three were free agent pickups last year (so late rd keeper), and all three can be kept this year and next year. 

Thoughts? Who would you keep and why?

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Garver then Montas then Lamet in a distant third.  Catcher position sucks to put it plainly so you’re getting one of the best available for dirt cheap.  Montas in intriguing, but likely has innings restrictions (only thrown 100+ innings once and that was in 2015.  Threw 96 innings last before before getting suspended). The upside play in Montas, but I’d play it safe with Garver.

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2 hours ago, Slamsox27 said:

Without knowing your other keepers, I’d go with Garver.  I typically give hitters an added bump.



1B Alonso (FA...last yr)

2B Hiura (FA)

3B Chapman (17...last yr)

SS Mondesi (FA...last yr)

MI Bichette (26)

OF Soler (20)

SP Flaherty (FA...last yr)

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29 minutes ago, jmcampbe11 said:

It has to be Garver. Lamet shouldn't even be in the equation. 

I lean towards Garver and that has been affirmed here, but I like Lamet quite a bit this year, especially as a late round keeper. Thank you for your thoughts :).

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