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6x6 Weekly Roto: $50 Re-draft

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Scored on fantrax and using their treasurer function for the payouts. Intended to be something a bit different to the standard 5x5 but without being too crazy. Cats have a sabremetric flavor but are all things that baseball fans will be familiar with. Have a few people returning from last year which was the first season.

I'm very experienced in running leagues (am an admin at http://dynastysportshq.com/index.php) and can be counted on to be an active commissioner.

League is called Homer At The Bat as an homage to the famous episode of the Simpsons which featured the Talkin Softball song.



14 teams, categories are:

OBP, SLG, SB, TB (total bases), R, RBI

ERA, WHIP, K/BF (basically strikeout %), QS (quality starts), HR/9, K

H2H each cat is a win, play every other team each week in the regular season (so 13x12=156 points available each week).

Basically it's weekly roto, so you can punt 1 or 2 cats and a couple of bad SP starts won't have a long lasting effect.

$400 paid out based on regular season finishes (150, 100, 75, 50, 25)

Then 3 weeks of playoffs (modified double elimination, $300 paid out) with 5-8 seeds having a good chance to progress to World Series due to the regular season payouts already secured by higher seeds. 9-12 bracket too (win 2 games get $25, win again against an eliminated top seed and make your entry fee back)

Rosters: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, 3 OF, 3 UTIL, 9 P, 7 Bench, 3 IR

Draft: Begins March 3rd (next Tuesday), 4 hours per pick with overnight pause. If we fall behind i'll give notice so people can fill their draft queues and the clock will be shortened for the last few rounds.

Transactions: FA bidding twice weekly, waiver bidding once weekly ($200 budget, 5 max per week, more strict during playoffs). No trades.

To take a look go to https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/mlb/join

Enter r7h998hpk6xqlbhr as the league ID and ntobza as the password.

Then pay the fee if you want to join or quit if you decide against it. I think it will be a fun and interesting challenge (guys who've joined so far aren't the type to bail if their team is struggling a bit) and is something to keep engaged with in March as we wait for real baseball to begin 😉

You can see the full details by going to Other>League Rules Summary

Reply to the topic or send me a message if you have any questions. You can also reach me via email: astuzia007@yahoo.com

I've also set up a groupme chat for questions, banter etc. (just give me your groupme email or post it on the league boards and i'll add you).

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4 hours ago, Chadwick27 said:

Love the detail and no doubt you probably run a great league but 4 hours per pick is tough. Best of luck tho!


Fantrax has a pretty good queue function if you're unable to pick for a while, plus the draft pauses overnight. We wrapped things up in about 10 days last year i think.

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