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In need of 3 new owners for Fantrax Dynasty League

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Getting ready to gear up for our 5th year of the MLB GM Dynasty League we are looking for three new owners.


What we are looking for in a new owner: 

1. Dedication to the League, this is a daily lineup which also carries minor league prospects. This isn't the kind of commitment for everyone.

2. Great communication. We use groupme app for trade chat , actual trade posting, baseball talk, and anything in between

3. People who like to be competitive and have fun.

4. Baseball nuts preferred but not required.


About the League

$56.67 buy in. $50 goes to the pot & $6.67 goes to the Fantrax premium

  • Scoring System: Head-to-Head Each Category
  • Maximum # of teams: 12
  • 6 teams make the playoffs Top 3 each Division, 1st gets a bye
  • Prospect draft TBD



1st $280

2nd $150

3rd $70

*subject to change in 2020


Back to Back Champs

$ Roll over from previous year

(starting 2019 with $50)



Home Runs, OBP, RS, RBI, SLG, SB

ERA, IP, K/9, QS, S+H, WHIP Ratio


All pts hold the same weight


Please let me know if your interested.

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