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CBS 16 team //REDRAFT// Weekly H2H Points League, $225 entry thru LS

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Great opp to get into established (YR6) and well operated CBS weekly H2H points league! Have a couple openings in order to round out our 16 teams.

Scoring is awesome and very balanced/fun, play 2 matches a week utilize FAAB for FAs with 2 runs per scoring period (Sat/Sun).

We start C/1B/2B/3B/SS/4OF/DH with 6SP 2RP slots and a 6 player bench not including 2 IL and 2 Minors slots.

$225 entry thru LS and all funds beyond CBS host fee are paid out and spread around, weekly points prize and both regular season and (obv) bigger playoffs payouts.

I have run both FF and FB leagues on CBS for almost 15 years and few do it better, every detail is spelled out in constitution.

Please message me thru this site or reply with an email if you'd like to look around. Payments need to be made ASAP if you commit and draft is scheduled for 3/25 at 7:30 PM E!

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