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3 for 1 Bellinger Trade

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Was offered Bellinger for 3 of my players. League is 11 man... 5x5 roto OBP. What do you all think? Should I just pull the trigger and try and re-solidify my pitching? Or are you guys high on Olson like I am? Thank you mah dudes. Roster below.


His: Bellinger


My: Olson, Snell, Rogers





3B-J Ram






OF-Lord Gurriel of Toronto


UT- Nimmo

UT- Canha


Bench- Hays








P- W. Davis



Bench-Will Smith

Bench- Kopech



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In an OBP league I'd probably make the trade since there's such a big gap between Bellinger and Olson. Yes it would leave your pitching staff thin, but when you have a chance to get a top 4 player without giving up a top 30 player you probably need to do it and pick up the pieces after. 

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Is this a redraft league or dynasty?  In a redraft, I would do the trade for sure.  Seems like 3 really good players to help win in 2020.  Good value for Bellinger.  If its dynasty, makes it a little tougher.  Closers are so volatile and Olson/Snell have been injury prone, so not sure If trading away a top 5-10 dynasty asset for them is worth it.  But thats my opinion.  If redraft league, then do the trade for sure.  If dynasty league, then really think about it but still could be decent value if Snell can get back to his 2018 self

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Typically in a shallow league, you want to consolidate and grab the elite player.  However in this situation if you feel that Olson is going to hit 35+ this year, I'd be more inclined to stick with what you currently have especially with it being a roto.  This is under the assumption that it's a re-draft.  Personally I don't find it to be a hard decision considering the rest of your roster.  In a dynasty/keeper format, the decision is a bit tougher and I'd probably sway towards making the trade for Bellinger. 

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I wouldn’t do it. Bellinger won’t be as good as last year and you’re giving up way too much to get him. There’s a reason why the guy sent you the trade, he thinks you’ll jump at getting Bellinger and not consider how much you’re giving up.

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