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2020 Rotoworld Offseason Mock Draft #4: Maintain the Mock, Don't Stop the Mock


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If you'd like to follow along with the picks in this draft, you can do so here.

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A lot of good looking boards.  I like the pairing of Cole & Strasburg as the best foundation of starting pitchers by @tonycpsu.  And the Trout, Harper & Alonso trio for power by  @Zeezee   I was also curious how drafting that many relief pitchers has worked in the past for you with a couple of 200 K type starters like Castillo, Syndergaard & Bauer to go along with power hitting trio, in roto.  I've seen it work in Head to Head.


How do you grade players like Sale, Verlander, Snell, Judge, Stanton and now Yordan Alvarez & Conforto knowing they are now high risk this year versus their ADP ?    Miguel Andujar's ADP was criminally low given those Yankee injuries and he was rightfully snapped up much earlier at 169.


I drafted Kershaw & Darvish as my top starters which should be alright I guess.  I took Yordan Alvarez for one of our two Utility spots before I knew his knees might be a season long problem.  I probably would have taken Patrick Corbin over him in a do over as good starting pitching runs out quicker than I thought it would.  Everybody seemed to get sniped on a regular basis in this mock draft.  I thought I had Jose Abreu in the 7th before @ToO_BaD grabbed him and I had to settle on Joey Gallo.  I took a couple of young guys later taking a chance they will be up for most of the year in Jo Adell and Nate Pearson.  I took a shot on Puig thinking he will be signed before the season begins, no reason to think he won't if healthy.  


I hope to make some adjustments in my upcoming draft next week drafting in the same spot.  Nice job boys and well done.

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Pretty happy with how my team grades out, even though we obviously have to take it with a massive grain of salt. 

I think my offense could be slightly better than these projections give it credit for, since i think I have a handful of major breakout candidates who could easily surpass their projections. Specifically I'm higher on Garver and Olson than most. I don't think Garver's season was a total fluke, and even if he comes back to earth a bit I could see him getting more ABs to help compensate for what he loses in efficiency. Olson I've spoken about enough already in this forum. Jump over to the Matt Olson thread for a recap if you haven't been following along. I think Vlad as a 5th round pick is amazing value. He didn't have the rookie year many were expecting but I think he will hit .300 with 30 HR and 100 RBI this year. Laureano and Robert as my top 2 OF was not by design but I think both could be 20/20 guys, which in this day and age is quite rare and valuable. 

On the pitching side I am glad to see my projections were strong because I felt throughout the mock that i was able to get premium arms with minor health concerns or innings restrictions at great bargains. Hyun-Jin Ryu in the 12th? Yes please. The move from NL to AL will hurt his ratios some but he's been basically a 2.00 ERA / 1.00 WHIP guy the past two seasons so he has plenty of room to regress and still be great.  I don't mind if he *only* pitches 140 innings because it's a roto league with an innings limit. Julio Urias in the 14th - again, innings limit doesn't bother me. give me the potential for elite ratios/Ks for as many innings as he's able to give me and I'll figure out a replacement if/when it comes to that. McCullers in the 17th - I don't see any downside. Josh Hader in the 8th round seems like a win. Even if he loses the closer role, he's still very valuable in this format because of his crazy K/9. 

Finally, Shohei Ohtani in the 10th round, 112th overall... in a league where his hitting and pitching stats both count and that uses daily lineups? Seems like a steal to me. If he pitches 100 innings at roughly his 2018 levels, plus gets 300-350 ABs at his 2018/19 levels, he'd be a fantasy monster, no? 

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Fee like my core is strong and I'm pleased with my team overall.


Core Pitching: Beiber, Giolito, Glasnow, Woodruff, Hendriks

Core Hitting: Yelich, Marte, Soler, Merrifield, Kepler, Sano


Pleasure drafting with you all, very competitive group. Great way to prepare. Thanks!

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This was a ton of fun, thanks for running it Tony.  Wanted to do a little pick-by-pick analysis.

1/2 - Arenado and DeGrom would've been ideal, and had news come out about Verlander's lat strain a few days earlier I def would've steered clear of JV at the first turnaround.  Prob would've gone Scherzer.

3/4 - Sniped again by BentonMcD. Really wanted Ketel here but I had to settle for Altuve.  I prob could've waited and tried to snag Mondesi/Villar at the next go-around but I couldn't chance it.  Arenado needed to be paired with an elite base-stealer so I jumped on Adalberto early.

5/6 - In retrospect I don't love my Goldschmidt pick here, I prob should've waited and took Bichette here and took Bell at the next turnaround.  Realmuto to me though was a no-brainer.  Lotta people love waiting on C, but I'd rather take the sure thing.  Pencil him in for .275/80/20/80/6 and not have to deal with the headache that is the catcher position.

7/8 - Really surprised to see Pham so low on recent NFBC leagues ADP.  The top experts at FP love him and so do I.  Cruz simply should not have made it this far in a 2 Utility slot format, but I was really happy that he did!

9/10 - It was risky to ignore pitching for this long, but I was elated to have Wheeler still here.  Would've loved to see Gray slip a little further here but Lynn isn't too bad here.  Not amazing value from Lance here but I think he'll have a strong year.  K/9 is super important to me in roto so I'd rather him than MadBum or Soroka despite the fact that those two's ratios MIGHT wind up being a little better this year.

11/12 - Franmil looks poised to have a big year.  Needed an OF badly so I was happy he slipped this far to me.  Lamet fit into what I wanted to do as far as high upside K's with passable ratios.

13/14 -  Iglesias and Neris. Needed closers and these two were the best available.

15/16 - Decided Sale had become worth the risk at this point. DeJong high upside power bat to plug into my 2B/SS. 

Rest of draft-  Cron's statcast stats are otherworldly and he'll get the opportunity to shine everyday in Detroit (albeit in a terrible lineup). Love me some Avisail in MIL this year.  Paired him with Braun figuring at least one of them will start most days.  Don't really love Melancon but I feel like he'll get a few SVs to start the year and then once he implodes I would work the wire.  


Great drafting with you guys, good luck this year!


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