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Travis Kelce 2020 Outlook

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Just came here to appreciate how much of a legend this man is. In a year filled with surprises Kelce has never failed to come in clutch. Fantasy MVP hands down for me.

Kelce is only 16 yards behind Hopkins for the league’s lead in receiving yards. 1. WR, Hopkins 72/912/4 2. WR, Diggs 73/906/4 3. TE, Kelce 66/896/7 4. WR, Mclaurin 62/871/3 5.

Dude is incredible. I know a lot of people aren't into taking TEs as high as he's goes but I'm always happy to grab him at his cost. Over the last 3 seasons he's been the most consistent fantasy pass

4 minutes ago, owenmills said:

They showed his bio during the game and I was surprised he's 31. Would've pegged him more like late 20s. Guess he's been in the league longer than I thought

i think he played his first nfl game at the age of 25. so he's bit of a late starter, so i guess he might not have the same wear and tear as some other players his age.


*edit* as i read up about him, he had knee surgery after college and missed a full year. 

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going to outscore the #3 te by over 100 ppr pts ha

remember when kittle was ranked ahead of kelce? hindsight 20/20 but that was pretty ridiculous considering one has mahomes and one had jimmy g (even with the loss of debo and increased targets for kittle)

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3 minutes ago, Dislimb said:

Gronkowski 2011

Graham 2013

I’m not talking fantasy production

what Gonzalez did in 04 before the league modified the rules for qb’s was amazing. Leading the entire league in receptions with 1200+ yards? That’ll land you an all pro nod as a WR

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He's been so damn consistent that anything short of about 25 points is going to feel like a disappointment in the playoffs. 

The Saints have defended the TE really well this year, but that barely seems relevant as Kelce is basically unguardable.

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