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12-Team H2H Points Keeper Money League w/ $40 entry fee paid thru league safe

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This league below has 1 available team. You are allowed to keep up to 5 players every year in the round that they were drafted in. If they were picked up via free agency then they are eligible to be kept in the last round. Players can only be kept for 3 straight years then they have to go back into the draft pool. I have been running fantasy baseball leagues for several years (7 or 8 years now) and don't plan on stopping! I participate in the leagues and don't take any commissioner fee for running the league. It is $40 to enter the league and the champion gets $200 plus playoff seeding and advancement bonuses. All money is handled through league safe. All of the details for the league are below. If you would like to see the available teams please email me at mjbnmr59755@gmail.com. Thanks!


Fantrax Head 2 Head Points Scoring Format
12 Teams
3 Divisions (will be randomized once league is full)
21 Regular Season Weeks
6 Playoff Teams, 3 Rounds

Keeper League: 5 Players can be kept by each team every year. Players can only be kept for 3 straight years then must re-enter the draft. 

Lineups Lock Weekly

Draft will be held on: March 15th @ 8pm EST

Snake Style Draft
Order will be determined by reverse order of previous year's season standings

Roster Size = 25
C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, IF, OF, OF, OF, OF, U, SP, SP, SP, SP, RP, RP
Active Roster = 17
Reserve Roster = 8




Hitting                                      Pitching

RUN = 1pt                                 WIN = 7pts

1B = 1pt                                    LOSS = -4pts

2B = 2pts                                   SV = 5pts

3B = 3pts                                   BS = -2pts

HR = 4pts                                  HOLD = 3pts

RBI = 1pt                                   OUT = 1pt

BB = 1pt                                    HIT ALLOWED = -1pt

SB = 2pts                                   ER ALLOWED = -2pt

CS = -1pt                                   BB ALLOWED = -1pt
                                                SO = 1pt

Entry Fee: $40 
League Fees are paid through League Safe. 

40 X 12 = $480 

# 1 Seed = $40 
# 2 Seed = $40 
# 3 Seed = $20 
# 4 Seed = $20 
# 5 Seed = $10 
# 6 Seed = $10 

Advancement into 2nd round gets you $20. 

Advancement into Final round gets you $30 

League Champ = $200


Playoff Note:


When doing the playoff seedings, the highest ranked seed will always play the lowest ranked seed. Then the next highest remaining seed will play the next lowest remaining seed. There may come a time where I have to manually adjust the playoff bracket and seedings to correlate with this. This applies to all rounds of the playoffs. 



Keeper System:


You may keep up to 5 players and will lose the round that they were initially drafted in or if picked up via free agency, the last round.


Year 1 - First year the player was either drafted or picked up via free agency

Year 2 - Your halfway there

Year 3 - Last year the player can be used on your team

Year 4 - Cannot be kept for this year and must be placed back in the draft


This demonstration is only for a player that has remained on your team for all those years. If you drop a player and pick up a player the keeper clock is reset. If you trade a player his keeper clock is NOT reset. Be careful with players acquired that you want to keep the next year because the fox sports system will make it look like they were picked up via free agency, always double check in league history. To prevent abuse of this rule the following rule(s) are in play. Any player that is in their last year of keeper eligibility can be dropped and then picked up by a different team but that player CANNOT be kept for another 3 years. This insures that the elite players are cycled through the draft pool every fourth year and that owners are not purposely dropping players in their third year so they can pick them up and keep them for another 3 years in the last round of the draft.



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