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My wish list: $20-$100, H2H, Categories, Snake, Keeper, 10-Team

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I created my own league on sunday since I could not find any league that was even close too meeting my playing criteria 


The league I created is basically everything you posted except the keepers part. $100 payment processed thru leaguesafe.


It's pretty hard trying to find/fill a league with opening day around the corner. We plan to draft the day before OD 


Let me know if you are intrested and I will shoot you the invites

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I have a league here. We are looking for two managers. It checks a few of your boxes. It's 12 teams instead of 10 and it's an auction draft instead. Come join us. We've been around for 8 years now and are competitive. Check out the link below.



Let me know which team you are interested in!


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Hi my name is Christopher and I run a 10 team league with my brother. I'm looking for owners. If you or anyone you know is interested please let me know. Link is below. $50 buy in. Auction draft. All money is paid to and out through league safe.

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18 hours ago, RaoulDuke74 said:

Anyone with a league check all or most of the boxes and looking for a new member?


Im not running this league but joined and trying to get it going. Only 4 guys so far so not sure if it would make 16. You can ask commish if they are willing to cap it at 10 or 12. but need people first.


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